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When the stock market crashed in 2007-'09, it lost over 50 percent of its value in a short period of time.

Many were wiped out.

Not Warren Buffett.

In fact, he went on a buying spree.

And what type of stocks did he focus on?

Well, the same ones that make him wealthy in good and bad times — dividend stocks!

Today, Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha,” is still an evangelist of dividend stocks.

But not just any dividend stocks.

Many times he avoids the highest income payers. He sees the hidden risks in these companies.

Buffett uses a time-tested, long-developed method to examine a company's balance sheet and what he calls its “moat” — its competitive edge over potential rivals.

So, the companies he invests in offer high dividends, fit several unique financial criteria — and have huge competitive advantages.

Now, you could read all the books about Buffett and take a course in financial statements — or you can simply get our free report “Buffett's 5 Best Dividend Stocks.”

Our analysts at Newsmax Finance, who also edit the world-renowned Financial Intelligence Report, scoured the documents of Buffett's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, and investigated what Buffett is saying about the companies that he's investing in.

Based on this, our analysts picked from Buffett's stock portfolio the “5 best dividend stocks” to invest in.

Our analysts found the stocks that offered higher than usual dividend income, ones that had not fully appreciated, and newer additions to Buffett's holdings that are prime for both dividend and value appreciation.

These 5 stocks should be the core holdings for investors looking to weather any storm and significantly build their wealth along the way.

In fact, many of these stocks provide yields that are 50 percent greater than the average dividend-paying S&P 500 stock.

Own these stocks and you will be set up for incredible returns that can grow over time.

In this free report, you will find out:

  • The one stock Buffett loves more than any other — in fact he consumes its product every single day!
  • Buffett hates high-tech companies, but he says this particular technology giant will continue to boom, no matter what happens to highfliers like Apple or Google.
  • A manufacturer in the agriculture business that has a huge competitive advantage over all its rivals and is paying close to a 3% dividend yield!
  • There are thousands of bank stocks, but Warren is betting that this one bank will outperform all the others and still pay a yield three times better than you can get from U.S. Treasuries.

This report also explains why Buffett almost always outperforms the market over the long term using dividend stocks.

You see dividend stocks offer you big tax advantages that bonds, REITS, Treasuries and other income vehicles don't.

Buffett: Prepare for Tough Times Ahead

You may have heard that Buffett is a perennial optimist.

And he is.

But he didn't become one of the richest people in the world by being naïve, foolish, or ignorant.

He has been warning of a terrible plague of inflation that will hit America and western nations sometime in the near future.

According to Buffett, the massive liquidity injected into the economy by the Federal Reserve and other central banks, with their zero interest rates, coupled with the massive increase in debt since the last stock market collapse in 2008, will lead to one inevitable result: inflation.

You need to prepare for this outcome, just like Buffett.

In addition to the 5 best dividend stocks, we also offer a detailed analysis of Buffett's investment strategy to navigate these dangerous waters ahead.

We call it Warren Buffett's “Survival Guide for Tough Times Ahead.”

In this section you will discover things like:

  • Buffett's secret to wealth, and how you can easily start with as little as $10 . . . (page 6)
  • Why Buffett had to explicitly warn the Obama administration, and what it means to your financial security . . . (page 8)
  • The one event this year that could cause a central bank default . . . (page 9)
  • How to protect your assets and avoid the catastrophic consequences as QE ends. . . (page 10)
  • The best way to hedge against possible inflation (it's a no-lose situation) . . . (page 11)
  • Want to invest like Buffett? Why stock price doesn't matter (but THIS does) . . . (page 13)
  • Why the single most popular piece of investment advice is "crazy" according to Buffett . . . (page 14)
  • The most logical way to protect yourself against a declining U.S. dollar . . . (page 18)
  • How Buffett stands to make over $4 billion in the most lopsided trade imaginable . . . (page 19)
  • The time Buffett outsmarted the U.S. government (you can use the same trick!) . . . (page 20)
  • The shockingly simple system that Buffett relies on to pick investments . . . (page 23)
  • Life after Buffett: Who will take over Berkshire Hathaway, and what it means to investors . . . (page 26)

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