For Immediate Release: The "Lost Interview"

Adviser to 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Including the CIA & NSA, Has Exposed a Covert Plan to Destroy the U.S. Economy Under . . .

The Glaziev Directive

Six global giants have formed a $16.7 trillion alliance with a single goal of sabotaging the U.S. dollar and sending your money on a death spiral that could destroy up to 70% of American household wealth overnight.

And here's how they're going to do it . . .

Hello. My name is Andrew Packer, and I'm the head of the Financial Intelligence Report. Over the past decade, my team and I have shown everyday folks like you how to profit from massive market moves like the rally in gold . . . in stocks . . . and even in the shale oil boom.

But more importantly, we've also been able to advise millions of Americans on how to sidestep the financial carnage from major market crashes before they happen.

In April of 2006, we warned about the imminent real estate bubble that was set to burst. Just three months later, we predicted a global recession and a plunge in the value of the dollar as the stock market became drastically overpriced.

A few months later in October, and again in January of 2007, we exposed the back-room deals of Wall Street banks and foresaw bubbles bursting in consumer spending and private debt in both the United States and in Europe.

These predictions all pointed to The Great Recession of 2008 when the stock market dropped 57%, the real estate market fell 30%, and more than $16.4 trillion in American wealth was wiped out. Even today, the effects of this crisis are still being felt as 1 out of every 5 Americans is unemployed or underemployed with little hope of climbing out of his or her financial black hole.

But unfortunately, things are about to get worse — much worse. You see, we are issuing a brand new warning — a warning so severe it eclipses every alert we've ever issued.

It's the culmination of more than five years of in-depth research to uncover the covert actions of a powerful alliance bent on destroying the U.S. dollar and crushing the U.S. economy in the process.

And with more than $16.7 trillion in economic firepower, please know that the strength of this alliance is not idle speculation.

In fact, the Pentagon insider you will meet in just a moment has unquestionable evidence that backs up every claim you'll see today. And it starts with a terrifying initiative called the Glaziev Directive, the results of which spell calamity for you and your family if you've not taken the simple countermeasures I'll share with you in just a moment.

I'm talking about watching every $100,000 crash to $30,000 or less within a matter of days . . . if not hours. That means all your savings, investments, and even your home could decline in value by as much as 70% or more if you don't do anything.

And that's precisely why we've put together this urgent presentation. You see, history has already shown what can happen when a secret group of dedicated actors form an alliance with enormous influence and power.

In fact, this exact dynamic has occurred three times over the past 100 years and left the world irreversibly altered. I'm talking about entire nations with dispossessed and impoverished citizens — simply because of the ruthless acts of a single group of shadowy actors.

The first time happened in 1914, when one of five assassins, backed by a secret society called the Black Hand, shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria setting off a world war.

Within days, banks and stock exchanges closed as interest rates skyrocketed by more than 300%.

Professor Richard Roberts, of King's College, London, said it was the most serious systemic financial crisis in the world as nearly 50 countries had stock exchange crashes and runs on their banks. Before this calamity hit, you could buy a loaf of bread for about 25 cents.

But afterward, it would cost you $2 or more. And this stratospheric rise in the price of food, clothing, and rents, left people struggling to survive.

Then in 1939, the global monetary system collapsed again.

Backed by followers of the Thule Society, Captain Gustav Kleikamp was ordered by Berlin to fire on the Port of Danzig, sending the world to war for a second time.

Within days, the global monetary system ground to a halt as millions were sent to the front lines . . . and even more were sent to the bread lines. And it didn't change until 1944, when the United States exerted its power and dominance to make the U.S. dollar the world's reserve currency.

Then in 1971, actions by the secretive Bilderberg Group — founded by a cabal of billionaire bankers — forced Nixon to abandon the gold standard.

This meant anyone holding the world's reserve currency — including foreign governments, mutual funds, and everyday citizens — could no longer convert their U.S. dollars back into gold.

The stage was set for the next global monetary collapse. As you can see in this chart, the U.S. dollar lost over 50% of its value, setting off the Great Inflation of the 1970s.

Decline in the Dollar Since the End of Convertability

Interest rates soared to 20% as the economy spiraled into a recession. From coast to coast, businesses were wrecked, jobs were lost, and unemployment spiked to 10%. Americans everywhere felt the relentless crush of this financial vise-grip.

Even, John Connolly, President Nixon's Treasury secretary ended up declaring personal bankruptcy in the turmoil.

But as they say, pain has no memory. And indeed, most people don't remember the horror this brought to our nation. The global mistrust of the dollar was so bad that Washington had to issue U.S. bonds denominated in Swiss francs just to keep the government running.

And while the shadowy financial assassins today are of a slightly different sort — the outcome of their covert actions will no doubt eclipse the three previous collapses combined.

Each one of these prior collapses was terrifying to everyday folks at the time. But they are nothing compared to the devastation every American will feel as this new calamity guts the American economy and devastates personal wealth for years to come.

American households could see $58 trillion in personal wealth virtually obliterated, overnight. And the intelligence operative and Pentagon insider you will meet in just a moment has irrefutable evidence that shows this collapse is imminent and could happen at any moment.

In fact, when the Pentagon got wind of the shocking discoveries he made while working on a top-secret project for the CIA, they quickly militarized his findings in preparation for the financial chaos to come.

This urgent move by the military came from the fact that the last three monetary collapses all happened before the world's financial systems were globalized.

They happened before the rapid rise of computer technology, the Internet, and the global integration of the financial markets — all of which have set the stage for a global monetary crisis like no other.

The prior collapses happened before the global banks on Wall Street had expanded internationally . . . gobbled up their rivals . . . and became too big to fail.

They were all before the New York Stock Exchange merged with Euronext in Amsterdam . . . before the NASDAQ and the OMX of Sweden became one . . . and long before the Tokyo and the Toronto Stock Exchanges started sharing the same name.

Think of it like this.

Once upon a time, every country's currency was like its own ship on the global sea. It was free to move and interact wherever it wanted. If one ship went down, the others were fine.

But now, today, with massive globalization, all these ships have docked into the same port. And now, just like Pearl Harbor, it only takes one coordinated attack to wipe out the entire fleet.

Like the mysterious workings of the Black Hand in 1914, the Thule Society in 1939, and the Bilderberg Group in 1971, these financial assassins are about to decimate the dollar and destroy the U.S. economy.

They've grown weary of watching their U.S. dollar holdings lose value month in and month out as Washington arrogantly creates more and more debt at their expense.

And now, they have the economic strength to do something about it.

Independently, any one of these alliance members could create financial havoc for the United States, but combined, they are a financial monster with more than $16.7 trillion in economic firepower.

And now their covert actions are setting the stage for an epic shift in global power.

Their first step was outlined on June 10, under the Glaziev Directive. A directive that spells out the first punch that will knock the U.S. economy to the mat. And while this first hit will shake the foundation of our financial system to the core, it's the second punch that we will deal a deathblow to American wealth and everything you hold dear.

And unfortunately, Washington has only egged them on with their reckless ways. Now at more than $17 trillion in unpayable debts, and an economy that's running on the fumes of the Federal Reserve's bottomless money-printing machine, Washington has given away the keys to the global financial kingdom.

Truth is, the only reason our nation's leaders have been able to get away with their out-of-control spending and massive debt creation for so long is because the entire world relies on the U.S. dollar for global trade.

If you are Brazil and you want to buy oil from Saudi Arabia — the world's largest oil producer — you have to turn your Brazilian reals into U.S. dollars before you can buy.

If you're India and you want to buy natural gas from Russia, you're going to have to convert your rupees to dollars first. If Africa wants to buy rice or wheat, you better have some greenbacks because that's just how the world works.

And it's been this way since the end of World War II when the U.S. dollar was unanimously selected as the anchor for the global financial system.

But all of that ends . . . starting right now!

This new secret alliance won't need a war . . . or massive political pressure from the ultra-wealthy to achieve its objective. In fact, the entire monetary system will be ground to a halt with the simple flip of a financial "switch," — a switch that will "reset" the value of the dollar instantly ... and irreversibly.

Like a computer that freezes up and reboots after being seized by a virus, this global reset will do the same. Only instead of wiping out all your work when the screen goes dark — it will wipe out everything you've ever worked for, unless you've taken the right precautions in advance.

Any stress, strain, or pressure you felt during the last recession, when the Dow dropped by 54%, will seem like a walk in the park. I'm talking about more than just a stock market crash here . . . I'm talking about a drop of 70% or more in nearly everything you own — your house, your 401(k), your savings account, and much more.

This collapse will reset the value of everything you own. It will be like going to bed with a $100,000 retirement account and waking up with $30,000 or less in the bank.

For most people, it will be like watching 20+ years of your life savings and hard work, go up in smoke. You see, this isn't just a collapse of the existing system; it's an entire reboot.

It will reset the value of the U.S. dollar and instantly change how much you've saved, how much you've invested, and even how much you pay for food . . . healthcare . . . energy . . . and every other basic good and service to live your life.

Jim RickardsJim RickardsThe bottom line is that you need to get prepared now — before this global reset happens. And that's precisely why I've asked Pentagon insider and former CIA analyst Jim Rickards to take you through exactly what's happening at this very moment.

Jim has highlighted many of these issues in his national best-selling books "Currency Wars" and "The Death of Money." But he recently sent me a confidential dossier, which shows how the Glaziev Directive has accelerated the plan of attack.

And at the end of this presentation, you will have an opportunity to get a free copy of this dossier as part of the "Death of Money Defense Plan" Jim and I have prepared for our viewers today.

If you are not familiar with Jim, he has been a key figure in U.S. Intelligence and national security for more than 35 years. And while much of his work is classified, what's publicly known is astonishing.

For example . . .

  • He was called upon by Washington as part of a team who negotiated the release of the 52 American hostages held in Iran in 1981.
  • The Federal Reserve and Wall Street banks relied on him to prevent a massive collapse of the U.S. financial system in 1998 when he negotiated a multibillion dollar bailout — then the largest of its kind — for failed hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management.
  • After 9/11, the CIA asked him to investigate mysterious trades in airline stocks by terrorist sympathizers, trades that signaled someone knew the attack was coming.
  • In the past few years, he conducted the first-ever financial "war games" at a top-secret Pentagon facility where his analysis has helped the intelligence community assess the national security risks of financial chaos.

The Death of MoneyThe Death of MoneyStill serving as an adviser to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the CIA, the NSA, and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies, you can clearly see Jim is a valuable asset for explaining the explosive developments he's uncovered.

I urge you to pay close attention over the next few minutes.

Not only will you have a front row seat for this exclusive briefing on the largest covert threat to American wealth, you will also see how one small step today will help you sidestep the coming financial carnage and prepare yourself to profit when the U.S. dollar resets.

So make sure to stay with us until the end of this presentation where we have a special offer so you can get a copy of Jim Rickards' New York Times best-seller, "The Death of Money," absolutely FREE.

More on that in a moment. But first, let me introduce you to Jim Rickards, who is joining us here in the studio today.

The Lost Interview

Andrew: Welcome, Jim. It's good to have you with us.

Jim: Thank you for having me.

Andrew: The last few times we spoke, you had been in Dubai, London, and more recently in New York City on CNBC, Fox Business, and other media outlets where you are working to get the word out on this coordinated threat to the U.S. economy and how it will affect our allies around the world. And I appreciate you taking time out of your tight schedule to join us here today.

Jim: It's my pleasure. I'll do whatever I can to get this information out to as many people as I can . . . and as quickly as possible.

Andrew: Jim, I've been reviewing this information you sent me over and over again. And it is some of the most shocking stuff I've ever seen coming out of the intelligence community.

I see this new alliance under the Glaziev Directive and how it's one more step in accelerating the annihilation of the American economy and our way of life. But truthfully, everything you've provided me is a lot to swallow.

So before we start getting into the salient points on the shocking dossier you've put together, perhaps you can give us some background on what drove you to do this? I mean, you've woven many fine threads together . . . and as a whole . . . they are absolutely terrifying.

Jim: Well, Andrew, the trigger point for me came after 9/11 when I was asked by the CIA to join a top-secret project investigating market manipulation by the terrorists before the attacks.

Andrew: Without compromising any classified material, can you tell our viewers what you were doing for the CIA?

Jim: Sure. The agency believed that terrorists were trading in airline stocks before the run up to the terrorist attack. But they had no experience in the financial markets. So they recruited me to help find out what happened. And for the next two years, we had more than 200 financial professionals — from stock exchange executives, hedge fund managers, Nobel Prize winners, financial technologists, and systems analysts — poring over the mountains of trading data.

Andrew: So what did you and your team find out?

Jim: We found clear evidence that someone knew the attacks were about to happen. Without getting too technical, the terrorists were using the options markets to make big bets that airline stocks would tank. It was a way for them to profit from falling stocks, while also sending the markets into a free fall.

Andrew: So you're saying it was not only a physical attack, but a coordinated financial attack as well?

Jim: That's right. Remember, New York City and the Twin Towers represented the center of global finance. The terrorists were not only looking to fund their operations from the deaths of innocent Americans, they were also trying to maximize the instability of a market crash to cause as much havoc as possible. It was a veritable one-two punch.

Andrew: Is it safe to say that if our national intelligence community could have seen these big options trades in advance, that they would have known the attacks were coming?

Jim: That was our goal — to devise a system that could use the financial markets to signal potential threats to national security before they could inflict innocent casualties or economic damage. Remember, after the attacks on 9/11, people wanted justice. So we were given all the resources we needed to amass mountains of financial data from all over the world. It gave us baselines for measuring every global market — stocks, oil, gold, commodities, utilities, you name it. And with all this data, we could map out what "normal" activity should look like.

Andrew: Are you saying you found a way to predict terrorist attacks simply by studying the markets — kind of like a trip-wire that lets you know when terrorists are creeping into the financial system?

Jim: You got it. There are common "frequencies" that the market will always operate in, and anytime that average activity has massive variations, our system screams an alert that something has violently hit the patterns.

Andrew: This sounds like a whole new way to gather intelligence.

Jim: It is. And by setting the system to different asset classes, we can see movement anywhere around the globe. We not only have the ability to monitor insider trading by terrorists, we can now see the actions of dictators, hostile rivals, and even state actors.

Andrew: You and I have had discussions on how the intelligence community is separated by their specific operations: human intelligence, which comes from operatives in the field ... signal intelligence, which covers electronic communications . . . and this sounds like you've cracked the code for some sort of market intelligence.

Jim: That's right. In fact, this system opened a whole new field of intelligence gathering. And once we completed our initial market intelligence missions with the CIA, the entire operation shifted to the Pentagon as a part of its military intelligence apparatus.

Andrew: Again without breaching any confidential information, what was it about your system that impressed the Pentagon and moved this to military-grade operations.

Jim: The important point to note here is that warfare is no longer restricted to historic battlefields, and our military is constantly innovating to prepare for any and all threats — be they from chemical and biological weapons, cyber weapons, or in this case, financial weapons.

Andrew: It's amazing to think how much the battlefield has changed. Our enemies can launch an attack at any time, and they never even have to fire a shot.

Jim: It's true. The nature of war has changed. But make no mistake, we are at war. As I wrote in my latest book, there are global factions and nation states that are diligently working to undermine the dollar right now.

And they have one goal, to collapse the current monetary system and replace it with a new one — a system that isn't tied directly to the dollar. And frankly, with $17 trillion in bad debt and a flagging economy, we are handing them the opportunity on a silver platter.

That's why this system has become mission critical for defending America. We've spent nearly 13 years developing the technology with financing from the CIA, the Pentagon, and other government agencies.

And now this system has issued a red alert on a covert operation with a single objective of assassinating the U.S. dollar, removing it as the world's reserve currency, and replacing it with a new monetary system.

Andrew: You're talking about global financial regime change.

Jim: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Andrew: That brings us to something I mentioned at the start of this presentation. And something you address in your book "The Death of Money." The global monetary system has already collapsed three times in the past 100 years. Can you share a bit more on this, and how these collapses pale in comparison to the coming collapse of the monetary system?

Jim: Certainly. As you said, the monetary system has already collapsed three times in the last century. The first was in 1914, precipitated by World War I. And this led to alternating hyperinflation and depression well into the 1920s. The second time was 1939, at the start of World War II in Europe. After this, the global monetary system didn't stabilize again until 1944 when the United States, nearing an allied victory, pushed for the U.S. dollar to be the world's reserve currency. The last one was in 1971, when Nixon abandoned the gold standard by closing what was called the "gold window." This meant that anybody holding dollars could no longer convert their dollars to gold.

Jim: Each one of these collapses in the monetary system brought on massive global turmoil. But unlike today, the monetary system back then was not as globalized. Every country had its own currency . . . there was no euro. You couldn't push a button on your computer screen and turn your dollars into a single European currency . . . much less turn your Deutschmarks into French francs or your British pounds into Japanese yen.

Andrew: Not to mention the fact that the first two collapses didn't have the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Jim: That's right. Back then, a collapse in one area of the monetary system — while devastating — could often be contained, limiting the damage. But now, because we are all connected through technology, global exchanges, and mutual debt, a monetary collapse in one area will trigger a complete global meltdown. It will make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a walk in the park.

Andrew: That's a sobering thought, Jim. Especially after the housing and credit market collapse here in the United States nearly burned Europe to the ground when Wall Street big banks could no longer help refinance government bonds. With all our markets connected, it almost sounds like this coming collapse is the end of the world.

Jim: For many people, especially for those who don't prepare themselves now, it is going to seem like the end of the world. You see, this isn't just a stock market collapse . . . or a housing market collapse . . . it's both and much, much more. It's a complete monetary collapse, and the fallout will be catastrophic.

Andrew: But if people prepare now, they can avoid the potential catastrophic losses we're talking about.

Jim: They can not only avoid the losses, they could actually position themselves for massive wave of wealth as the new dollar comes into view.

Andrew: So there is a potential silver lining here.

Jim: Absolutely. In every collapse there is always a small group of people who are ready for it and then make an absolute fortune in the process.

This is exactly what Sir John Templeton did after World War I. When the stock market collapsed, he famously bought 100 shares of every NYSE listed company that was selling for less than $1. And as the economy turned, he made an absolute fortune, eventually becoming a billionaire many times over.

He was able to do it because he was ready when the collapse hit. The bottom line is that this coming collapse isn't going to be the end the world. But it will be the end the world as we know it. And in the short term, many people will be wiped out for decades to come — especially those who aren't prepared.

But those who are prepared could see themselves as part of the new class of wealth — a new bourgeois class that will use the reset of the dollar to catapult their personal wealth in lock step with the new global currency.

And, what should really be comforting is that it won't take a lot of effort to do this. In fact, as I discuss in my book, you only need to take a few simple steps and you're fundamentally set.

Andrew: This is exactly why we've put this presentation together. It's one thing to know an imminent financial collapse is coming. And it's quite another to have a clear action plan to not only get you through the coming turmoil unscathed, but also help you leapfrog into a whole new world of wealth.

So make sure you stay tuned through the remainder of this program. Jim Rickards and I have put together a special offer that you will not want to miss. We call it the Death of Money Defense Plan. And in it, you will not only get a FREE copy of Jim's best-selling book, "The Death of Money," but you will also have a crystal-clear blueprint on how you can protect yourself and profit no matter how bad things get.

So, Jim. Our viewers have seen a glimpse of how the international monetary system has collapsed three times in recent history — each time beginning with a small group that eventually coalesced into a highly focused and powerful force that changed the course of history. Tell us how the Glaziev Directive is following this same pattern and will usher in a financial catastrophe worse than ever before.

Jim: The Glaziev Directive is a single rallying cry for a silent but powerful alliance. And it will result in a ruthless overhaul of the monetary system and the ultimate assassination of the U.S. dollar.

Pen was finally put to paper on June 10, when Vladimir Putin's economic adviser, Sergey Glaziev, published a bold directive where he outlined the rationale behind an international alliance of countries that were ready to get rid of the dollar for international trade and also to stop using it as their reserve currency.

And taking it one step further, Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Russian central bank, recently stated that Russia is in discussions with China and their BRICS partners regarding the establishment of a new system for multilateral trade.

It will allow the transfer of resources from one country to another, as needed, so each member can start directing their currency reserves away from the dollar and to the new system.

Andrew: By BRICS partners she means, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Jim: That's right. The BRICS countries have experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade while Western economies have been dying a slow death with massive debts, rising unemployment, and flat productivity. Fact is, the BRICS have more financial muscle than people think. The total gross domestic product of these combined countries is $16.7 trillion, and that puts them on equal footing with the other two global powerhouses, the European Union at $17.3 trillion and the United States at 17.5 trillion.

And under the Glaziev Directive, these allied countries will be able to freely transfer assets and resources from one country to another. And more importantly, they will be able to divert their currency reserves away from the dollar and into the new system . . . without missing a beat.

Andrew: That's insane. You're talking about a formalized declaration of war on the U.S. dollar!

Jim: It is. But Andrew, this is only one step of a two-step plan in executing a global reset of world's monetary system.

Andrew: Can you help me and our viewers understand why the "death of the dollar" . . . the global reset . . . the directive . . . the alliance . . . all lead to such a cataclysmic end for the unprepared?

Jim: Absolutely. Since 1971, when Nixon took us off the gold standard, the only thing that has been used to back the value of the dollar is the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. But back then, the national debt was only about $424 billion. That's only 2% of the $17 trillion in debt we have today.

So today, the full faith and credit of the U.S. government no longer carries any weight. And our rivals around the globe know it. Our "backing" is toothpick-thin, because we can't even get our own financial house in order.

And Washington can't just make a decision to go back to a gold standard, since we don't have enough gold to do it without destroying the value of the dollar. Any move toward backing the dollar with gold would decimate its value — one dollar would be worth a few pennies at best.

Every asset in America . . . every pension fund, retirement account, savings account, automobile, house . . . you name it . . . would be wiped out.

And think about how this would affect your everyday economy. If you were a vendor selling your goods and services, would you be willing to take money that was virtually worthless as payment?

Andrew: No, I wouldn't.

Jim: That's precisely why a monetary collapse will send inflation through the roof as the prices for everything from oil and energy to food, to housing and healthcare would skyrocket.

Andrew: OK. You've got my attention. And I imagine that of many of our viewers as well. I guess Washington's out-of-control spending and the Federal Reserve's constant purchase of worthless assets since the bailouts in 2008, are finally coming back to haunt us.

Jim: Yes that's a big part of it. But there's a much bigger problem than the Federal Reserve flooding the market with easy money and buying up bad assets to keep the economy moving.

When the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates near zero, money is cheap. And cheap, easy money puts more money into circulation and drives down the value of the dollar. The problem here is this "money printing" affects the entire global monetary system since the dollar is the world's reserve currency.

Andrew: Meaning it affects all who use the dollar to value their own currencies and engage in trade.

Jim: That's right. For more than 60 years, countries around the world have used the dollar as a benchmark for stable international trade. And many countries use the dollar as a reserve currency. In the past, having currency reserves in U.S. dollars was "as good as gold."

Andrew: So what you're saying is that trust was historically high in America and in the U.S. dollar.

Jim: Yes. Remember, America's economy and infrastructure wasn't devastated directly by World War II. In fact, we became a calm, mediating force around the globe that helped to balance the world's economies and give countries an opportunity to rebuild after the war.

Andrew: That's a good thing.

Jim: It is. But now that historical trust has been eroded by decades of easy money and a ballooning national debt that has the whole world feeling nervous. So now they are quietly getting their money out of the dollar and preparing for a new global currency when the dollar collapses.

Truth is, anyone addicted to debt has to eventually pay the piper at some point . . . and it doesn't matter if you're a single mom, a doctor, or a country. Creditors are creditors, and one day, they'll come calling and you're going to have to pay. And right now, one of the biggest ones we have to answer to is China. It has been the biggest buyer of U.S. debt in the form of Treasury bonds. And with nearly $4 trillion of foreign exchange denominated in U.S. dollars, plus another $1.2 trillion in U.S. debt, China has $5.2 trillion of its wealth tied up in the U.S. dollar, and it is getting tired of watching the value of these assets drop every time Washington goes on a spending spree.

Andrew: $5.2 trillion is an enormous amount of money. But isn't this the same problem for everyone who holds their assets in U.S. dollars?

Jim: It is. And frankly, it's not much better for countries holding euros either, as the European Central Bank is in the same pickle as the Federal Reserve. The bottom line is that the Western world has over-extended itself beyond anything in history. And the day of reckoning is here.

Remember, we are all tied together. America can't default on its Treasury bonds and Federal Reserve notes. If we do, China would instantly lose out on the $1.2 trillion it has in U.S. debt, while the $4 trillion it has in U.S. dollar reserves disintegrates before its eyes. I don't care how a big a country is, that's just too much money for anyone to take a hit on when there are ways to avoid it.

Andrew: Ways to avoid it?

Jim: Yes. Starting with the Glaziev Directive. This is step one in a coordinated effort to unseat the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. But what's even worse is step two. Through my market intelligence sources, we now see that the major governments, including the United States, the Eurozone, and China are allowing a covert redistribution of gold so the entire system can be reset — a preplanned, global reset of the value of money.

Andrew: Are you talking about some sort of conspiracy here?

Jim: It's conspiratorial in that the governments involved don't want others to know what they're doing. In truth, it's just a pragmatic way to stabilize the monetary system globally, and prepare the major parties for a global reset of the value of money. A reset that will save the system, but unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, millions of people are going to have everything they own virtually wiped out overnight.

Andrew: Can you share with our viewers more of the details on what you see going on behind the scenes.

Jim: Absolutely. In fact, I would encourage your viewers to pay very close attention to what I am going to share right now. In all candor, this is the most critical piece of knowledge that anyone could have for understanding how the monetary system will collapse . . . when it will collapse . . . and how you can make sure you're on the right side of the ledger when the dust settles.

Andrew: Great. Well let's get to it.

Jim: As I mentioned before, the BRICS have experienced phenomenal growth over the last decade. And now their total gross domestic product is around $16.7 trillion, so they can stand toe-to-toe with the United States and the Eurozone. But the real economic might in this alliance is with China.

China is rapidly growing into a consumer juggernaut as it transitions from an export economy to a consumer economy. The point here, is that China can't get left behind when this coordinated global reset hits.

Andrew: I know your research points to some shocking evidence on China, especially some of the covert moves that are taking place behind the scenes.

Jim: Make no mistake. China is the main driver for this global reset of the monetary system and the death of the dollar. It's just keen to let the other members of their alliance do the talking. By getting the public dialogue focused on someone else, it can continue its covert operations virtually unnoticed. That's why it let Russia put forth the Glaziev Directive. It's classic misdirection.

Andrew: That makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Russia has been saber rattling and taunting the United States over Ukraine. And Brazil has been pretty vocal about its anger after finding out the NSA has been spying on its president. But China has been relatively quiet. It's as if it's treating us with velvet gloves.

Jim: And that's exactly how it wants it. You've heard the saying "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." China would much rather come off as friendly, so it can keep us roped in while it continues to covertly prepare for this global reset and create a new global reserve currency where the dollar no longer has a dominant role.

Andrew: I've been thinking about that quite a bit as I read and re-read the updated dossier you sent me recently. It would seem that China might use a "basket of currencies" to set the value of the new monetary system — much like the baskets of currencies that were used before the introduction of the euro. Back then, the Deutsche mark ... French franc ... Swiss franc and even the Japanese yen would be grouped together to set certain values for international trade.

Jim: This is definitely in the cards. Only this time, the Chinese yuan will take a lead in the resetting of the world's reserve currency. But China won't go it alone. It needs an alliance of countries to pull this off.

And that's why the first step started with the Glaziev Directive. You see, China can't flip the switch on this global reset when it has $5.4 trillion in exposure to the U.S. dollar. If it did, it would immediately lose the $1.4 trillion it holds in U.S. debt, and the remaining $4 trillion in dollar-denominated reserves could drop by 50% or more in an instant.

Andrew: It could conceivably drop by as much as 50 . . . 60 . . . even 70 % or more without some sort of intervention to prevent a collapse.

Jim: You're absolutely right. Remember what happened just a few short years ago when the real estate bubble burst . . . home prices dropped by 32%. And the only reason these prices didn't fall further when the bubble burst was because of the bailout packages from the Federal Reserve, where it threw $611 billion into the financial system to stop the bleeding and stave off a further drop in the value of these assets.

The only problem this time is that the Fed can't fix it. It has no fuel left in the tank. So when the Fed tries to hit the gas and outrun the next crisis, it's going to be a sitting duck. And Americans are going to suffer for it.

Andrew: So you're saying this time around there is nothing the Fed can do . . . and it is going to be worse then what we experienced in the housing collapse?

Jim: Significantly worse. All you have to do is look at the unvarnished numbers, the simple numbers that have no media spin, and you'll see the fault line is enormous. And while Washington is looking the other way pretending it's not that bad, this is the main reason why other world leaders are fuming over our inability to get our financial house in order. For starters, the Federal Reserve is insolvent. The real value of its assets is not enough to cover its outstanding debts. Here's an example of what I mean...

What kind of car do you drive?

Andrew: I drive a Honda Accord.

Jim: Brand new that car costs about $25,000 right?

Andrew: That's about right.

Jim: So tell me this . . . FIVE years from now . . . would that car still be worth $25,000?

Andrew: No. It would probably be worth about half that amount.

Jim: So if someone wanted to buy that car from you in five years, that person would only pay $12,000 for it — no matter how hard you tried to sell it for $25,000.

Andrew: Anyone in his or her right mind, yes.

Jim: This is where the Federal Reserve has the most folks snowed as it keeps its darkest secret hidden. You see, when the Federal Reserve buys an asset — any asset — it records the value of that asset at the cost it paid for it. And because of an accounting trick, it never has to show that asset dropping in value. So if the Federal Reserve owned your car, five years down the road, the Federal Reserve would still say your car is worth $25,000 — no matter how many people said it was a five-year-old car and only worth a fraction of that price.

Andrew: That's absolutely crazy.

Jim: Oh wait. It gets worse; in fact it gets terrifyingly crazy.

You see, some of the assets the Fed has in its vault are absolute garbage — economic refuse it amputated from the American economy at the height of the last financial crisis. Mortgage loans worth a fraction of their 2008 value . . . defaulted loans on six-year-old cars . . . commercial real estate loans that no one has paid on for years . . . and the list goes on.

Andrew: You're not kidding, that is terrifying. You're saying the Federal Reserve . . . the bank that is the symbol of the full faith and credit of the U.S. government . . . is sitting on nothing more than a toxic financial waste dump filled with bad mortgages and car loans,?

Jim: Pretty much.

Andrew: I am sure my viewers would agree this problem is much bigger than any one of us would have ever imagined.

Jim: That's why I am doing whatever I can to get this message out to as many people as possible. No matter how hard we try to get Washington to change course, it won't — and now frankly, it can't. We are past the point of no return. In fact, Senator Rand Paul quoted several of my recent findings during his speech on the Senate floor recently, but once again, it's falling on deaf ears as other members of Congress don't want to get involved in this political lightning rod. Let's be honest, Andrew, no politician wants to contemplate being the one responsible for impoverishing millions of people in order to prevent an economic collapse. But that's exactly what's going to happen.

Andrew: We have an excerpt of that speech. Let's take a look at what Senator Paul had to say.

Andrew: The potential fallout here is immense. With the central bank insolvent after the original bailout and continued purchase of toxic assets, Congress would have to bail out the Fed this time — a move that would only trigger an increased loss of confidence in paper money.

Jim: That's right, and this time it would be a global financial collapse of biblical proportions. You see, the Fed has no ammunition left to fight another liquidity crisis when confidence is shaken. In the past five years alone, the Fed has taken its collection of worthless assets from $800 billion to over $4 trillion.

And it did nothing to improve the overall economy. Fact is, the economy just had its worst pullback in five years . . . a telltale sign that our rivals are ready to flip the switch on this global reset sooner rather than later.

In the Dumps

Andrew: So this pullback in the economy just revealed another crack in the financial system — that the Fed's policies won't work.

Jim: That's right. It further proves that the Fed can't fix the system. And worse yet, because of the Fed, there is a real possibility that Congress may have to step in and bail out the Fed at some point.

The only problem is that Washington has nowhere to turn to get the money. With $17 trillion debt, who would be willing to loan us a quick $4 trillion to keep the Fed afloat? It won't be the International Monetary Fund or World Bank since we are the biggest financial contributors to both of these organizations.

It won't be the European Union, since it's still trying to hold its own house together as many member states are on the brink of bankruptcy themselves.

The only other economic power that could possibly help would be Chinese and its BRICS allies, but they're already operating under the Glaziev Directive.

In fact, these five countries just unveiled their own versions of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank at a recent summit in Brazil. It's an emergency bailout fund to fight financial crises, called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement. And America won't see a dime of this money.

Andrew: This is truly scary stuff, Jim. The Glaziev Directive is playing out right before our eyes.

Jim: It is. And it's exactly what my sources were telling me was going to happen. And frankly, it's just going to escalate from here.

Andrew: Most of our viewers have known for some time that the system is broken . . . but you're talking about it being shattered.

Jim: That's right. You see, one or two smaller countries like a Greece or Argentina can default and the system can correct itself even while it helps the economies that have failed. But when larger, more influential countries like France, Italy, or Germany start to falter, the global powers that be can't afford to start bailing out everyone. It just isn't feasible. And if the United States were to default, well, the whole system will go down in flames.

Andrew: I have to agree with you there. And when you think about it, it's almost as if there's no way out of this. We know the Fed can't buy toxic assets forever to keep the economy afloat . . . and at the same time, we have no hope of growing our way out of this mess since the economy grows by about $300 billion each year, but Washington adds another $600 billion in new debt each year. Our debt is literally growing 100% faster than our economy. It's like a Catch 22.

Jim: You're right. And it is just more fuel for the fire as global players look to distance themselves from using the dollar as the world's reserve currency. And while America is loath to lose its position as the worlds' reserve currency, our astronomical money printing to cover our debt makes it impossible to sustain. Basically we've overstepped our monetary bounds for good and there is no turning back.

Andrew: So let's dig deeper into this global reset. You've had an opportunity to spend time with your market intelligence operatives who are focused on economic readiness and you're seeing some massive moves that are telling you this radical shift to a new currency is about to take place soon.

Jim: That's right. I've had private conversations with former Federal Reserve board members, and other central bankers around the globe, on what's going on behind the scenes — what's not getting reported in the mainstream media — and frankly, everything I'm hearing is that this global reset is about to hit. In fact, we already know what it looks like, and when you can expect it to happen.

Andrew: I know for myself, and our viewers as well, we want to do whatever we can to prepare for this event. So what should we be looking for?

Jim: The good news is that it's not all that complicated. In fact, what I am going to share with you sounds very simple. But don't let its simplicity deter you from the underlying ramifications of a global reset.

Andrew: OK, we're with you.

Jim: We've already shown how the world's central banks are broke. And the outstanding dollars floating throughout the money system are nothing more than a bank note . . . it's a contract based on trust.

Andrew: Right, a debt by the central banks that no longer have the assets to back them up.

Jim: On the surface that's exactly right. But when you peel back the layers, you will see that behind the central banks and paper currencies is still gold — just not in the way you may think. In 1971, Nixon broke with the gold standard when he no longer allowed countries to convert their dollars to gold. In essence, Nixon's policy told the world that the dollar was good money because it was based on the "full faith and credit of the U.S. Government."

Andrew: But any faith in the creditworthiness of the U.S government goes out the window when you're $17 trillion in debt and climbing.

Jim: You're right. Of course in 1971, Nixon could get away with his claim that the dollar would be backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. The world still had some nostalgia on the global dominance of the United States since our decisive victory in World War II and our ongoing strength during the Cold War. Now more than 40 years have passed and all countries have abandoned the gold standard. Even Switzerland, which still had a 40% gold reserve tied to the Swiss franc, finally ended the practice in 2000. But we're in a different world now. The global playing field has been leveled by everything from integrated technology in financial markets to the launch of the euro in 1992 to the global rise of China over the past decade or so. And while countries publicly claim that they no longer tie their currency to the value of gold, what they are doing privately is a different story. And China is the biggest actor in covert gold acquisition.

Andrew: Wow. China is secretly amassing gold. What is it looking to do, re-establish some sort of global gold standard?

Jim: No, not in the traditional sense. You see the U.S. Treasury currently has about 8,000 tonnes of gold, making us the largest single holder of gold reserves in the world. The members of the Eurozone have a bit more than us . . . collectively around 10,000 tonnes of gold. Another big holder of gold is the International Monetary Fund with about 3,000 tonnes of gold. The only one left out right now is China.

And since it knows the "dollar" system is coming to an end, it has to increase its gold holdings before it can trigger a global reset of the world's reserve currency.

Right now China's official holdings are at 1,054 tonnes. But market intelligence shows that China has been covertly acquiring thousands of tonnes of gold to minimize the market impact of its purchases. As you can see in this chart, China's gross imports on gold have risen by 2,380 tonnes. And while some of this went into the mainstream financial market, it's clear from leaked memos that China put a good portion into the People's Bank of China.

Chinese Gross Gold Imports From Hong Kong

Even a leaked confidential memo from China's National Foreign Exchanges Administration shows that China will do whatever it takes to increase its gold reserves.

The memo stated . . . "the majority of China's gold reserves have been located in the U.S. and European countries. The U.S. and Europe have always suppressed the rising price of gold. They intend to weaken gold's function as an international reserve currency. They don't want to see other countries turning to gold reserves instead of the U.S. dollar or euro. Therefore, suppressing the price of gold is very beneficial for the U.S. in maintaining the U.S. dollar's role as the international reserve currency."

It goes on to spell out China's intentions for increasing its gold reserves. "China's increased gold reserves will thus act as a model and lead other countries toward reserving more gold. Large gold reserves are also beneficial in promoting the internationalization of the RMB."

Andrew: Wow. This is shocking. So the U.S. and the Eurozone are just letting this happen. They are letting China do this as a way to "redistribute" gold reserves globally, before the global monetary reset.

Jim: They are. Truth is, it has no choice. The United States and the Eurozone need China when the reset happens. China is one of our biggest trading partners, and we can't have its economy collapse as worthless dollars sit and rot in its foreign reserve accounts. And without significant gold holdings, China would be vulnerable.

Andrew: Do you have an idea when this will happen?

Jim: I do. China's last official announcement was over five years ago on April 25, 2009. At that time, it claimed to have 1,054 tonnes. That's a 76% increase from the 600 tonnes it had in 2003. Right now, Shanghai Daily has reported that China has quietly amassed about 2,710 tonnes of gold.

Andrew: That's an unofficial number.

Jim: Yes that's an unofficial number. But you and I both know that China controls its media. So it is letting it be known that it is accumulating more gold, but it is not letting the public know exactly how much. But from what I have gathered from trusted sources, the Chinese actually have amassed around 4,000 to 4,500 tonnes of gold already.

Andrew: Wow that's massive difference.

Jim: It is. And when Chinese gold hits around $5,000 an ounce, all bets are off. It will be the second punch that will deal a deathblow to the dollar. And set off the wholesale destruction of American wealth.

The bottom line is that China is being allowed to acquire gold without spooking the markets and driving up the price. This way, it will be "on the train" when it leaves the station. The only problem is that when the train leaves the station and the global reset triggers a new reserve currency, nearly all American wealth will be wiped out, except for those who have prepared themselves in advance.

Andrew: Jim, this is truly unprecedented.

Jim: One last thing, Andrew. Our viewers should know that China could announce its holdings at any time. So they shouldn't wait to get their financial house in order. The time to act is now. Before it's too late.

Andrew: Jim, I couldn't agree with you more. This has truly been an eye opener to say the least. I want to thank you for taking time to speak with us today.

Jim: It's my pleasure, Andrew. Thank you for having me.

Andrew: From what you you've seen today, we are beyond the point-of-no-return, as China prepares to announce its official gold holdings at any time. And when it does, there will be no time left to prepare yourself for the devastation ahead.

And to think our government is helping China do it. By suppressing the price of gold, under the guise of weakening its function as a reserve currency, China is able to covertly acquire as much gold as it will need to trigger the death of money as you know it.

The bottom line is that this coordinated effort is accelerating the timeline for the assassination of the dollar . . . not to mention the destruction of American wealth, and everything you hold dear, unless you are ready in advance.

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Audrey B. from Rochester, N.Y., is just getting started with this incredible newsletter, but has already "made over $2000."

Lionel B. from Chico, Calif., has been reading the Financial Intelligence Report a little bit longer.

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