“Who the Hell Cleared This?”

— Forbes columnist regarding the evidence unleashed in the following
investigation that has already been presented to the Pentagon, CIA, and Congress

The following urgent announcement is based on actionable intelligence that has been barely deemed safe to share with the American public .

What you’re about to be briefed on is a crisis that the highest ranking officials in our national intelligence community and military . . .

As well as influential figures on Wall Street and in Congress have begun secretly planning for.

Today, I want you to imagine the unimaginable.

What if a man with the highest government clearance at the Pentagon and CIA . . .

Who has access to some of the most sensitive military and economic intelligence . . . 

Who regularly briefs the Treasury . . .

 And who has testified before the Senate and House of Representatives . . .

Walked into your office...

Sat down . . .

And with a calm voice that did not waver, gave you the following warning . . . 

“An economic Pearl Harbor is about to strike America.”

And this was not something he said without understanding its gravity.

Because — as you’ll soon learn — the CIA enlisted him to investigate the last direct attack on our country and economy: 9/11.

And this time he believes the outcome could be as severe as the Great Depression, as our already fragile financial system collapses . . . 

And the wealth of tens of millions of innocent Americans who aren’t prepared . . . is decimated in the blink of an eye from the onslaught.

For example, the $50 trillion lost in the recession would be just a drop in the bucket.

Picture $100 trillion vanishing from Main Street America and our economy.

Picture investment accounts crumbling into ashes . . . impoverishing even the wealthiest . . . as the stock market suddenly plunges 50%...with no floor in sight.

Picture inflation hitting extreme levels that make the 1970s look like a pleasant memory . . . as what’s left of the dollar is eradicated.

The struggle to afford gas and food could cause conflict and stress to overcome our society.

Now, imagine you are me.

And this is what has just been described to you.

Who would you tell?

And what would you do at that very moment to protect you and your family’s financial security?

That’s what I want to discuss with you today.

Now before I go further, let me tell you about the man who delivered this warning to me, so you can understand with complete clarity why you need to take this seriously.

His name is James Rickards.

And he is a top security adviser to the Pentagon . . . CIA . . . Department of Defense . . . 

And the Director of National Intelligence.

He is also a powerful lawyer and investment banker, who has spent over 35 years on Wall Street.

While much of his work is classified . . .  

I am permitted to tell you that his focus is on identifying threats that may strike our economy, financial markets, and average Americans.

This oftentimes places him behind enemy lines in some very dangerous areas of the world including . . .

Nigeria . . . Liberia . . . Zimbabwe . . . and Pakistan . . .

His rather unique skillset is the main reason that James Rickards has been called upon by our great nation to intervene directly in some of recent history’s most important events.

For example, the U.S. government placed him in the heart of the negotiations to free 52 innocent Americans during the Iran hostage crisis that endured for 444 straight days from 1979 through 1981.

But that was just the beginning...

As you probably remember, in 1998 the large hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management almost single-handedly destroyed our economy when its trillion-dollar exposure to risky investments threatened to unleash . . . 

A financial catastrophe not seen in the previous 60 years.

At the time, PBS reported that “the Long-Term Capital debacle could put the entire banking system at risk.”

The CATO institute — a highly respected conservative think tank — stated that many feared the Long-Term Capital Management crisis created the possibility of dire consequences for world financial markets.”

And the Federal Reserve warned “the American people would suffer in a way not appropriate for them to suffer” if Long-Term Capital Management collapsed.

To put it plainly, our meltdown could’ve happened in 1998 . . . instead of a decade later.

That’s the story you know.

Here’s what you probably don’t know.

James Rickards stopped this from happening when he was recruited to work with the major banks to avert bedlam . . .

Without his efforts the New York Times predicted “the economy would have probably plunged into recession.”

And it wasn’t long before his country came calling again.

A few years later, James Rickards’ expertise in Middle Eastern financing, and his ability to operate in secrecy, resulted in top CIA officials placing him in the center of an investigation into one of our nation’s darkest hours . . .  I’m referring to . . .

September 11, 2001.

The CIA enlisted Rickards to examine terrorist ties to a large block of insider trading that occurred on Wall Street prior to the attack . . . 

Because of the direct loss of innocent lives, we don’t often stop to think that 9/11 was also a strike on our economy as well.

In fact, Osama bin Laden even stated this was one of his top priorities on numerous occasions.

All in all, it’s believed we lost $6.4 trillion when you factor in the loss in market wealth, plus the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that followed.

Now, please pay close attention to this.

It is important for you to know . . .

For obvious security reasons, James Rickards did not discuss the specifics of his work investigating the 9/11 financial paper trail in great detail with me.

But he did say that what he uncovered angered him.

And he decided to do his part to ensure it will never happen again.

So in the years that followed, he developed and then implemented a system the national intelligence community could use to decipher clues emanating from Wall Street.

Clues that could help provide an early warning of a coming economic crisis.

And it wasn’t long before his worst fears came to reality.

You see, in 2005 he started getting signals that our economy and financial markets had become unstable and had reached a code red status.

So he began briefing the Treasury on a regular basis.

But when, to their surprise, he started pointing fingers at THEM and the FEDERAL RESERVE . . . 

His message fell on deaf ears.

Look, it’s hard for anyone to tell their boss that they are the problem, let alone stand up in front of our government and do it.

But that’s exactly what James Rickards boldly did.

His concerns reached a boiling point at a Treasury meeting when he declared that Ben Bernanke had become more dangerous to the national and financial security of the United States . . . than al-Qaeda.

They didn’t listen.

Well, we all know what happened next when the recession struck.

And now Rickards is seeing those code red warnings again.

But this time the signals are TWICE as strong . . . 

And they are exposing a frightening revelation . . . that could bring down many powerful people.

You see, James Rickards uncovered evidence that suggests . . . 

For the last few years the American government and Federal Reserve have been covertly working together . . .

To deliberately commit calculated, and unspeakable economic aggressions . . .

Against not only other nations, but American citizens . . .

So he rushed to testify about his findings before both the Senate and House of Representatives.

So James Rickards turned to the Pentagon.

And shortly after he shared this intelligence with them . . . 

The Pentagon brought him to a top-secret facility in Maryland — their Warfare Analysis Laboratory — to re-create a startling scenario of exactly what could erupt in our future . . . 

As an “economic Pearl Harbor” is unleashed on our country.

All from a financial war our leaders started.

And a global counterattack nobody on Capitol Hill, at the Treasury, or at the Federal Reserve was prepared for . . .

Now if that wasn’t frightening enough . . . wait until you hear this.

Everything could eventually escalate into military conflicts against China, Iran, Russia, or possibly an unknown enemy.

Because, it has happened before. 

And right now, history is being ignored.

What James Rickards briefed the Pentagon and Congress on . . .

And later shared with me in our private meeting . . . 

Is called a global Currency War.

And it’s a war we are going to lose.

Unfortunately, Rickards had already learned a hard lesson that sometimes Washington, D.C., ignores the national intelligence community.

So with no other choice, he is now stepping out of the shadows to play the role of whistleblower.

And that is why James Rickards came to the Newsmax office to speak with me.

Because he knows that Newsmax has the power, and therefore the responsibility, to warn the public.

As you are probably aware, Newsmax has built a strong reputation for exposing the stories the mainstream media oftentimes ignore until it’s too late.

Video of Gorbachev interview with text below running under it.

It was Newsmax that traveled to Moscow to meet with the former president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to discuss a coming war with Iran . . .

Well before it was a top headline in the newspapers.

Video of Clinton interview with text below running under it.

It was Newsmax that sat down with former President Bill Clinton to expose China’s growing energy dominance . . .

And the threat of a future tax siege on the American public . . .

Cover of June 2009 issue about Cyber Attacks.

And it was Newsmax that years ago warned of the cyber attacks we’ve begun to see now.

So it goes without saying that we don’t take the threat of an “economic Pearl Harbor” striking America lightly.

Which is why we investigated and vetted it thoroughly.

So, let me ask again, imagine you are me.

Who would you tell?

And what would you do at that very moment to protect you and your family’s financial security?

After all, the scenario James Rickards described to me . . . was truly unimaginable.

But with his background — with his credibility — and with the evidence he provided to me  . . . 

He was not somebody to be ignored.

But I knew that if I was going to warn the public — to warn you — I would have to assemble a team of experts who could provide you with the exact details on what is about to unfold . . .

And more importantly, how to protect yourself.

So to “out this story” I commissioned an Emmy Award-winning director to follow James Rickards and a team of economists that includes . . . 

The chairman of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes.

Global market specialist Sean Hyman . . . 

And Bob Wiedemer, the author of the New York Times best-selling book Aftershock . . . 

Together they investigated and exposed this unimaginable threat to your net worth and our country.

The documentary is called Declassified: America’s Coming “Economic Pearl Harbor.”

And I’m now going to show you never-before-seen footage from this film . . . 

So that you can understand what’s at stake.

And why this Currency War has become such a large concern of the Pentagon, CIA, and entire national intelligence community.

Then afterward, I will show you what I am doing to protect my wealth and I will invite you to follow in my footsteps.

James Rickards just revealed some alarming proof of the U.S. role in the early rounds of this Currency War.

And a little later I’ll share more footage from the documentary Declassified: America’s Coming “Economic Pearl Harbor.”

Only this time I’ll show you how other countries have already begun to retaliate.

And what this means for you . . . your wealth . . . and way of life.

I understand it’s impossible to truly grasp the severity of this situation from those brief clips.

Which is why I’m going to send you a DVD of this entire film in what I’m calling the Currency Wars Defense Blueprint.

This critical package also includes a copy of James Rickards’ New York Times best-selling book Currency Wars.

But unlike the version you can get at the stores, or online, this edition contains a never released . . . and highly controversial . . . “Unpublished Chapter.

You see, the publisher yanked this chapter because certain material in it was borderline-classified intel.

But I’ve reviewed it, and I can say without hesitation that it needs to be seen.

Also included in your Currency Wars Defense Blueprint is a collection of time-sensitive investment reports James Rickards has created that will help you prepare your wealth for every stage of this unspeakable assault on your financial security.

Because he believes there is still time to do so.

And so do I.

This way you can get the full story . . . and real solutions.

So let me now quickly explain the big picture.

James Rickards believes the Federal Reserve and our government have backed themselves into a corner.

They realize they’ve overseen the massive growth of our debt . . .

And the piece-by-piece dismantling of our free market economy.

It’s why we are not seeing a real recovery from the recession.

It’s why so many have lost their jobs . . . their life savings . . . their investment portfolios.

Their overall financial security.

So the powers that be have turned to the most desperate measures in order to “fix” the United States economy.

In a display of staggering short-sightedness and arrogance, they’re intentionally setting out to weaken the dollar.

Now, the dollar has slowly been losing its power for some time.

In fact, since the mid-1980s, its value has dropped about 52%.

But the dangers truly present themselves when this process of destroying our currency is sped up.

And the Fed and Washington set these wheels in motion by printing trillions of dollars . . . 

And by rolling out their numerous quantitative easing programs.

As you are already aware, quantitative easing, or QE for short, is just a fancy name for printing money.

We’ve already seen QE 1, then QE 2 . . .

And QE 3 will become, according to what James Rickards uncovered . . .

The straw that breaks the camel’s back . . . 

Resulting in severe retaliation across the globe.

Because QE3 is going to flush at least $40 billion in funny money through our economy every single month.

That’s the equivalent of printing $129 for every single American . . .

Every single month.

Over and over again.

But it’s not going in your bank account. 

Just the opposite. 

It’s watering down the value of the money you already have saved up.

So it’s attacking you . . .  and every other country in the world . . . head on.

And this is going to continue for some undetermined amount of time.

It’s quite clear that the U.S. will do whatever it takes to maintain the upper hand here.

Regardless of whether or not it victimizes you and your family . . .

Because a weakened dollar means you pay more at the pump.

It’s impossible to ignore that.

And look at what happens to food prices as well.

It’s right on the screen, clear as day – as the dollar drops, you pay more to feed your family .

But these aren’t U.S. prices — they’re global prices.

We cheapen our dollar — we hurt other countries, and they don’t like it, so they fight back.

Now, the Fed and many in Washington are flat-out denying they’re causing a Currency War.

"This should not be regarded as
some sort of chapter in a currency war."
— Janet Yellen
The Federal Reserve

The chair of the Federal Reserve admitted as much in a recent statement.

However, just because they want to bury the story, that doesn’t mean that most of the international community and even some in the press are ignoring the crisis.

“An unfolding global war — one fought not with soldiers, tanks or drones but with currencies.” — USA Today

USA Today predicts our next war won’t be fought with soldiers, tanks, or drones, but with our dollar.

In other words . . . a Currency War.

"We‘re in the midst of an international currency war  . . . 

It has to be understood that there are consequences.”

— Guido Mantega
Finance Minister of Brazil

The finance minister of Brazil believes this war has already begun . . . and there will be drastic consequences . . .

“Latin American nations have the right to defend themselves
from a “monetary tsunami.”
— Dilma Rousseff
Brazilian President

Including what Brazil’s president called a “monetary tsunami,” vowing his country would defend against it.

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“The currency wars are heating up.”
[QE3] could trigger another clash.”
— Financial Times

The Financial Times has warned that the Currency Wars are heating up and QE 3 could trigger another clash between the United States and the world.

“We find ourselves in a conflict akin to a currency war."
Elmar Brok
Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
European Parliament

Leaders of the European Parliament agree with this assessment, and fear the implications.

But their voices are not alone.

"This is a rebellion of Latin American countries
against the United States."
— Bolivian President Evo Morales

The president of Bolivia predicts a rebellion breaking out between Latin America and the United States.

“Currency Wars Will Destroy the Dollar”
— Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine believes this Currency War will destroy the dollar and the wealth of average Americans.

As you can see, we are on a war footing right now.

And what James Rickards fears is that these economic aggressions back and forth have lit a fuse to a time bomb that will soon detonate . . .

And the economic carnage could rival some of our darkest moments in history.

For example, in the footage I showed you a short while back, Rickards mentioned that we are currently locked in the third Currency War in history.

Well, what he continues to talk about in the film is what happened the last two times the United States and the world decided to follow this path.

At one point Rickards disclosed what seemed like confidential intelligence that proved the first Currency War led to Hitler’s rise, World War II, and the Great Depression.

Chances are you weren’t alive when the first Currency War erupted.

But I’m quite sure you remember the outcome of Currency War II vividly.

Because it led to the economic malaise of the late 1970s and early 1980s . . . 

Where double-digit inflation and unemployment, as well as a severe energy crisis, made life in America very difficult for folks on Main Street.

Now please do not forget what I’m about to say . . . 

James Rickards has downright frightening and highly sensitive evidence that predicts this third Currency War we are caught in right now . . .

Will be the most destructive in history.

Take a moment to think about the outcomes I just tied to the first two conflicts.

Now let me repeat that again . . .

James Rickards has highly sensitive evidence that predicts this third Currency War we are caught in right now . . .

Will be the most destructive in history.

This revelation is alarming and eye-opening.

But James Rickards is not the only one who is concerned.

“A counteroffensive of sorts may be underway . . . [Currency Wars] should be seen as 'in play' however unthinkable it is believed to be at present."  — Reuters

A Reuters analysis shows that a counteroffensive may now be underway as other countries retaliate against the United States.

The evidence here is irrefutable.

Already, 78 quantitative easing countermeasures have been enacted from both our international allies . . . and our foes.

England’s money supply has recently increased almost 90 percent.
Japan’s is up about 125 percent.

"The primary near-term security concern of the United States[...]

[Currency Wars] risk unleashing a wave of destructive protectionism."

— Dennis C. Blair
Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence

In fact, the former Director of National Intelligence has stated this should now be our primary concern as a country.

We’re in the throes of Currency War III, and Ben Bernanke has won the first offensive by flooding China with inflation. — Bloomberg

Bloomberg has warned that Currency War III and Ben Bernanke, in particular, have not only flooded America with future inflation, but also China.

This is unquestionably the case.

China has already begun to implement the standard countermeasures by turning their printing presses on overdrive to keep up with us.

But James Rickards believes that, due to our unwelcomed aggressions . . . 

It’s about to get much worse.

And a showdown with China is inevitable.

Which China seems to be in agreement on.

“We need to shield our economy from any more turmoil in the U.S.”
 — Zhang Ming
Secretary General, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

One of their Secretary Generals has recently drawn a line in the sand and declared that they will do whatever is needed to protect their economy.

"I've never been as scared as now about the world.”
Donald Tsang,
Former President of the Executive Council of Hong Kong

And the former president of Hong Kong’s Executive Council publicly stated that he’s never been as scared about the state of the world as he is right now . . .

Because of this Currency War.

You see, China may have more tricks up its sleeve.

Because in the DVD, Declassified: America’s Coming “Economic Pearl Harbor,” you will be briefed on why . . .

For the first time in history . . .

We are now vulnerable to financial weapons of mass destruction.

Shockingly, our enemies can now harness standard investments like stocks, hedge funds, gold and oil . . .

Combined with more dangerous vehicles like options, futures contracts, and sovereign wealth funds . . .

To covertly attack our economy and your wealth.

So, in the following footage from James Rickards’ investigation, you’ll see what China may be doing at this very moment to prepare for the coming escalation of hostilities . . .

And then when we come back, I’m going to show you secret cables that were intercepted that may prove everything you are about to see . . . is happening now.

From what you just saw I think it’s apparent that China is going to make its move very soon and escalate this Currency War to dangerous levels.

And there will be no turning back when they do.

Now here’s something I think will really drive this point home.

It’s the smoking gun.

James Rickards has shared with me a series of private cables meant for the Chinese Embassy that were recently intercepted.

And they seem to catch their leaders admitting to what was just described in that footage.

“China's de-Americanization is gaining speed.”

“They [the U.S.] intend to weaken gold's function
as an international reserve currency.”

“Suppressing the price of gold is very beneficial for the U.S.”

“China's increased gold reserves will thus act as a model.”
 — Excerpts from Leaked Chinese Embassy Cables

These cables reveal that the Chinese are acting quickly to, as they put it, “de-Americanize.”

They then blame the U.S. for weakening gold’s role as an international reserve currency.

And claim that we are actively trying to suppress its price.

But here’s the important part — they feel their growing reserves could be the secret weapon.

And if you needed more proof they were up to no good, here’s their official title for one of the cables . . . 

China increases its gold reserves in order to kill two birds with one stone.”

That’s the exact name they gave it.

And we can only assume those two birds are the U.S. dollar and our economy.

Which means your wealth will be destroyed with it if you aren’t ready.

Now I realize, in these years after the recession, Americans have become desensitized.

We’ve grown numb from the burdens of crippling losses to our investment accounts, retirement savings, and our homes.

Now we’re seeing the inevitable prospect of another economic catastrophe striking.

I wish I could say we lived in a different world.

A safer world.

But in these times you have to remain vigilant.

You have to fight harder for that American Dream we all deserve.

That’s why I feel it’s critical you receive the Currency Wars Defense Blueprint that James Rickards and Newsmax have put together for you.

As you know, I’ve been showing you footage from the first piece of this package . . . 

The DVD Declassified: America’s Coming “Economic Pearl Harbor.”.

The entire film is a thought-provoking, pull-no-punches investigation into this growing threat to our country and your prosperity.

Let me assure you that Newsmax spared no expense to create this.

I even hired an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker to follow James Rickards, Steve Forbes, Bob Wiedemer, and Sean Hyman as they delved deeper and deeper into this crisis.

This DVD will take you to the U.S. Treasury, the White House, the Chinese Embassy, and even the Warfare Analysis Laboratory.

This is where James Rickards held his virtual Currency War for the Pentagon and members of the national intelligence community.

You are going to learn the inner workings of this Currency War including the Fed’s $4 trillion (and growing) aggressions.

As well as what other nations have done in retaliation.

You’ll be given concrete evidence for how this has impacted your investments, your life savings, and the prices you pay at the pump and grocery store.

In fact, you’ll see how a quarter of your wealth has been covertly eradicated in the early stages of this third Currency War . . .

You’ll also be given a jarring, historical timeline of how the first two Currency Wars helped cause the Great Depression . . .

Fueled Hitler’s Rise . . .

World War II . . . 

And even put the pieces in place for the stagflation of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Plus, you’ll witness the stage being set for a crisis that will cause enough damage to rival the Great Depression’s worst moments . . . 

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The evidence will very clearly prove how our markets could collapse 50% or more . . .

And another $50 trillion, or even $100 trillion, in wealth could be destroyed.

These are just from the “conventional threats” we face from this Currency War.

As you now know, that’s only part of the story.

The film also exposes the “financial weapons of mass destruction” that are in play now.

Some of this material is so sensitive that James Rickards had to get clearance from the national intelligence community before you could see it.

For example, we’ll continue our discussion into China’s mission to secretly stockpile gold.

And we’ll reveal how they’ve gained access to our most valuable financial intelligence . . .

Which may include your bank account information and your investments.

You’ll discover how Russia has made some pinpointed technology acquisitions that may allow them to tap into your email, your credit card information, and many other sensitive areas of your personal finances.

You’ll even be briefed on a dangerous and covert triangle alliance China, Russia, and Iran have formed that’s going completely under the radar . . .

But whose sole purpose may be to destroy the dollar, our economy, and your wealth.

And to put it all together, from the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., James Rickards will re-create a virtual Currency War involving the United States, China, Israel and Iran.

This part alone could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

It’s startling . . . it’s frightening . . . and it’s critical you see it.

But the DVD is just the first part of this Currency Wars Defense Blueprint.

You will also receive a copy of James Rickards’ New York Times best-selling book Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

James Pressley of Bloomberg wrote that Currency Wars was one of the scariest books he has ever read.

And that James Rickards’ intelligent reasoning was proof that we have more to fear than fear itself.

Forbes Magazine believes history may look back upon James Rickards’ work as being as important for our era as Paul Revere’s midnight ride was for American independence.

But they also asked a very serious question.

And this is a direct quote . . . 

“Who the hell cleared this?”
— Forbes Magazine

They were referring to some of the seemingly classified information Rickards discloses in this book . . .

“Powerful people in Washington, D.C.,
are reading James Rickards’ ‘Currency Wars.’”
— Forbes Magazine

This may also be why Forbes revealed that powerful people in Washington, D.C., are reading Currency Wars.

Recently, Senator Tom Coburn warned Americans that we may soon lose our currency.

And then he publicly recommended everybody read Currency Wars.

Now, when James Rickards and I first met, he mentioned that the publisher decided to hold back on releasing the book’s most controversial material.

Plus, after we had wrapped filming the documentary, the story kept unfolding, as he uncovered more evidence of this Currency War.

So I insisted that he put all of his latest work into a never-released chapter.

And I would personally make sure it was published and included in this intelligence package.

Like the DVD, you can only get this unpublished chapter here.

Now, it may seem as if there is no defense against this type of crisis.

After all, how can you or I stop the Fed from printing money?

Or our enemies from retaliating?

Unfortunately, we can’t.

But there are measures you can take to stay safe.

Now is the time to fortify your investment portfolio, your life savings, and your personal finances.

Now is the time to do whatever it takes to protect what’s rightfully yours.

And that’s why James Rickards has worked with me to create a collection of investment reports that will help you safeguard and grow your wealth as this situation escalates.

The first report is called Currency Wars: The Early Offensive.

Here you’ll discover simple and cost-effective ways to add international currency investments to your portfolio quickly and easily.

Because, while the dollar may come out as the loser in this war . . . 

There will be some very large winners.

So this report focuses on three lucrative and stable currency investments in three countries that are backed heavily by gold and natural resources.

And all three picks offer safe, profit potential of up to 85% in the short-term.

Plus, you can buy them quickly with an online account or through your regular broker just like stocks.

The second report we call Currency Wars: A Plan for a Prolonged Conflict

History teaches us that Currency Wars can last 20 years or longer. 

So here, James specifically set out to identify investments best suited for an enduring economic conflict between the U.S., China, and the rest of the world.

For example, the report shares an agricultural fund he believes could return 40% in the near term . . . 

And its long-term prospects are infinite as food prices continue to surge.

He also reveals a very targeted ETF that could return at least 102% as China pushes for more and more control of the world’s energy market.

Plus, you’ll receive the analysis behind a natural gas investment our research leads us to believe is sitting on an 84% return on the low end . . .

Because it’s about to corner the European market on this growing and irreplaceable energy source.

Now, as James discussed during the investigation, gold will play a big role in this Currency War.

And he is convinced it could hit $3,000 or $5,000 an ounce or more, with silver’s rise following right behind.

So this report also documents gold and silver ETFs, plus the top mining companies that could return 70% in the short term — and their long-term potential is limitless.

There are eight total investments in this report.

Now, the third report is called Currency Wars: 24 Hours at a Time.

It focuses on some of the day-to-day personal finance decisions Americans will face during the early and later stages of this Currency War . . . 

Including, how to maximize the value of your house, even as a second bust looks more and more like a certainty.

You’ll discover how to get out of debt quickly and painlessly . . .

You’ll see what type of life insurance to carry.

And how to make sure you have enough money for a safe retirement in unsafe times.

The total value of your Currency Wars Defense Blueprint is $145.

And I want to send it to you at no additional charge when you accept a 100% risk-free subscription to Newsmax’s flagship publication, the Financial Intelligence Report.

This may be the most important piece of this package.

Because this remarkable publication has proven time and time again to have an uncanny ability for predicting major political, economic, and social events.

In April of 2006, the Financial Intelligence Report warned readers about an upcoming real estate bubble that was set to burst. 

In July of 2006, this publication predicted a global recession and a dollar that was set to plunge, and asserted that stock market equities were drastically overpriced.

The conclusion was that all of these factors would lead to an upcoming market collapse.

In October of 2006 and January of 2007 the Financial Intelligence Report exposed the dirty deeds of the banks and foresaw bubbles bursting in consumer spending and private debt.

As you know, all of these events led to the recession.

And, in recent years, the Financial Intelligence Report correctly foresaw both the rise of gold, as well as the Greek and European fiscal catastrophes.

But the Financial Intelligence Report’s greatest value comes from the incredible investment discoveries we document in each issue.

They’ve proven to be so lucrative that while the S&P 500 has been flat lining, the Financial Intelligence Report has delivered a 300% return.

What makes the Financial Intelligence Report such an unprecedented resource for average Americans is that it harnesses the combined expertise of the most successful investors, businessmen, and economists.

For example, James Rickards is a leading contributor to this publication.

And so is Jim Rogers . . .

As well as T. Boone Pickens . . .

Bob Wiedemer . . .

James Davidson . . .

And Newsmax founder Christopher Ruddy.

Each month you will receive a new edition of the Financial Intelligence Report that investigates the latest stories that will impact your wealth.

And you’ll be given a thorough analysis of at least one new stock recommendation with all of the research and rationale behind why it was targeted.

You’ll be told what to buy and at what price, with crystal-clear instructions.

And, as I just mentioned, these market “discoveries” have returned 300% to current subscribers.

You will also be granted immediate access to the Financial Intelligence Report’s members-only website.

Here you will find each issue . . .  each private communication . . .

Plus, a collection of exclusive investment videos that can help you grow your wealth even faster.

And most importantly, you’ll unlock an incredible archive of private investment research reports.

Currently, there are well over 25 of these reports available to you inside the Financial Intelligence Report’s website.

Some of the titles include . . .

  • Warren Buffett's Investment Survival Guide
  • Wall Street's "Secret" to Earning an Extra 20% a Year
  • The Inflation Protection Handbook
  • The Tax Miracle of Dividend Stocks That Will Make You Rich and Unlock the Safest Path to a Lifetime of Secure Wealth

Simply put, the Financial Intelligence Report is the roadmap that will guide your finances and investments through these volatile times ahead.

It’s why countless subscribers have called me to express their appreciation for how it changed their lives.

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Lionel B. from Chico, Calif., has been reading the Financial Intelligence Report a little bit longer.

Which is a very good thing, because, as he put it . . .

“Last year made a profit of $14,000 . . . This year I am ahead $33,000.”

Normally, a one-year subscription to the Financial Intelligence Report costs $129.

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