“America is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes”

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the Coming MELTDOWN


America is falling apart before our very eyes!

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the far left in America has achieved in just a few months what they’ve dreamed of doing for more than 50 years:

 . . . Shut down free enterprise all across the country . . .

 . . . Suspended civil liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, including the right to freely assemble and the right to worship . . .

 . . . Made tens of millions dependent on government handouts for their basic survival . . .

 . . . Seized total control of the “private” healthcare system, banning most treatments and procedures deemed “non-essential” . . .

 . . . Unleashed mobs of “mostly peaceful protesters” to burn buildings, tear down monuments to America’s Founding Fathers, attack Federal courthouses, and coerce thousands to “bend the knee” to socialist ideals . . . and

 . . .Made criticism or dissent effectively illegal by encouraging private companies to FIRE employees who voice criticism, even in their free time, of government actions or the rioters in the streets . . .

In short: George Orwell himself could not have imagined the totalitarian, 1984-like society in which we are all now living.

The details about what’s already happened — and the perfect storm of disasters that is still to come — are revealed in the pages of an extraordinary new special report, Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown.

Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown tells the story of how decades of disastrous decisions by weak, self-serving government elites have created catastrophes that will change your life, and the lives of those you love, forever.

And because events are unfolding before our very eyes with lightning speed, I’ve arranged for you to receive a copy of this emergency special report FREE of charge.

Inside this private report, famed British geopolitical analyst and author John Browne and his financial braintrust at the renowned Financial Intelligence Report have assembled irrefutable, damning evidence about the upcoming disasters that may lie in our path — and that could wreak havoc with your investments and your entire financial future . . .

  • A continuing COVID-19 economic shutdown that wipes out more sectors of the U.S. economy and leads to a full-blown great depression — and the steps you should take immediately to protect your life savings . . .
  • Donald Trump’s possible LOSS in the November election as Big Tech billionaires, the media and Deep State operatives use every trick in the book to take back power . . .and the market goes into free fall, taking your 401(k) or other retirement accounts with it . . .
  • Continuing rioting and looting in many American cities with the “defund the police” movement spreading out into suburbs — and with new laws that make it illegal for homeowners to defend themselves when attacked
  • A further crackdown on free speech and freedom of religion as Democrat-controlled states make it easy for corporations to fire employees who criticize socialist policies in their free time for “hate speech violations” . . .
  • Skyrocketing local, state, and federal DEBT that sends the value of the U.S. dollar into a tailspin — bringing back shortages, rising food prices and 1970s-style “stagflation”.
  • Escalating tension between Communist China and the U.S. that could result in a limited military clash, triggering a global stock crash and sending the price of gold soaring above $3,000 an ounce.
  • To name just a FEW.

Any one of these catastrophes could trigger a further meltdown of our society and your investments unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

The combination of two or more could be cataclysmic.

As an article in Axios put it . . .

According to The Washington Post . . .

Writing in The Atlantic, UC Berkeley professor Frank Partnoy insists . . .

And if Trump loses in November, all bets are off: It will be time to take cover, protect your wealth, and take advantage of little-known investment opportunities to grow up to 4 times richer.

Unlike other disasters, the Coming Meltdown is NOT something that will merely impact people in faraway places.

No, it will directly affect you and your family personally: your retirement savings, your healthcare, even potentially your physical safety.

Yet there is also a silver lining to this dark cloud:


John Browne

In the pages of Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown, you’ll discover how you can protect and even grow your wealth faster in these uncertain times no matter who wins the November election — even as most investors are led once again to the slaughter.

John Browne, the author of Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown and contributing editor of the famed Financial Intelligence Report, knows a thing or two about victory in the face of adversity.

A former British member of Parliament who has advised world leaders from Margaret Thatcher to Donald Trump, Browne has a knack for spotting developing crisis points — and guiding people and governments through them.

And now John Browne and his Financial Intelligence Report braintrust are coming together once again to issue their most significant predictions and warnings yet.

That’s why I want to send you a FREE copy of Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown as soon as possible.

It’s a complete guide to surviving and thriving in a world gone mad.

Your FREE copy of Strike It Rich in the Coming Meltdown reveals how you can protect your family from . . .

  • Political and civil liberty risks if Donald Trump loses the election — and radical leftists in the government raise taxes sky-high for the middle class, propose steep cuts in Social Security and Medicare for the “wealthy”, and enact new rules for retirement accounts that limit your future withdrawals.
  • Health risks like we haven’t seen in a century . . .with the possibility of newer, even deadlier pandemics increasingly likely.
  • Financial risks we haven’t seen since the Great Depression . . .with the possibility of a global debt crisis, stock market wipeout, and banking collapse now openly discussed.
  • Risks to property and personal safety from urban crime and mobs . . .with the New York Times cataloguing “so-called peaceful protests” erupting in 2,000 American cities and all 50 states.
  • Food supply risks as increasing supply-chain disruptions and shortages drive prices to levels not seen since World War II.
  • Risks of armed conflict with China in the South China Sea . . .which could trigger a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the return of hyper-inflation.

Each one of these looming catastrophes carries with it unique dangers but also unique opportunities . . .


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