“A Death Blow Is Coming for the
Dollar” — Peter Schiff

Putin’s Revenge

On August 24, Putin and His Allies Met to End America’s
Might on the Global Monetary Stage.

Discover the Immediate Actions to Take in the Next 48 Hours
to Protect Your Wealth and Family From Financial Devastation
as the U.S. Loses Its Most Powerful Weapon . . .

Hello, my name is John Browne.

As a former adviser to President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher . . .

I’ve been the media’s go-to guy for the biggest developments in international affairs.

From the terrorist attacks in Paris . . .

To the rise of Brexit . . .

The rise of socialism in America . . .

As well as the war in Ukraine.

But today, I’m reaching out to share a message that is far too controversial for the mainstream press.

If you’re one of the people who thinks there’s much more to the war in Ukraine than the media has reported, I’m here to confirm your suspicions.

This war marks a turning point in history for the Western World.

Especially after what just happened.

On August 24, Vladimir Putin launched an attack that we cannot turn back from.

The clock has been set. And it will affect the lives of everyone — yours, mine and our families — for decades to come.

This attack was launched neither by land nor by sea.

It was carried out in secret — 6,000 miles away from the battlefront.

And it won't just help Russia win the war in Ukraine.

No. This time, Putin’s thinking much bigger than that.

If he has his way, this attack will reestablish Russia as the world’s next superpower — and change the face of the international monetary order for generations.

On Aug. 24, Putin — as well as his allies in China, Brazil, India, and South Africa — met to deliver a fatal blow to Ukraine’s most powerful ally . . .

The United States of America.

Again, this wasn’t a military attack.

Instead, they went after America’s most vital resource.

Not our oil. Not our technology. Not even our electric grid.

Instead, they attacked our money.

In short, Putin and his allies are plotting to overthrow the U.S. dollar . . .

And establish a new “Anti-Dollar” — to govern the world in its place.

These are no minor opponents.

They’re among the world’s fastest-growing economies — wielding a quarter of the Earth’s land, nearly half of the population, and $25 trillion in global trade.

And they’ve just doubled in size.

For the first time in more than a decade, these countries just admitted six new countries to join their alliance . . .

Including . . .

  • Argentina — the second largest economy in South America after Brazil
  • Egypt — the largest economy in Africa
  • Ethiopia — one of the fastest growing and second most populous nations in Africa
  • Iran — the second largest nation in the Middle East
  • Saudi Arabia — the oil giant with a $2.3 trillion economy
  • And the United Arab Emirates — another resource-rich nation with $1 trillion in its sovereign wealth funds

And this may just be the start.

40 nations in total have expressed interest in joining this new Anti-Dollar alliance.

And it’s likely Putin will admit more of these countries to join them with each passing year.

Never before have so many nations moved to abandon the dollar all at once.

But make no mistake . . .

This is a plot that Putin has been devising for some time — ever since 2014, when the U.S. first placed sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Crimea.

So far, the media has failed to report the extent of this deadly offensive — likely because they have no idea what’s really going on.

I’m here to tell you the full story.

But I won’t stop there.

I’m also going to tell you how to position yourself to withstand this attack . . .

And even GROW your wealth before this attack reaches American shores.

This Attack Marks the End of
American Dominance

But before I do . . .

First, to understand the extent of this blow . . .

We have to go back to July 1944.

That month, representatives from 44 countries met at a secluded resort in the mountains of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

As World War II was coming to an end, these men met to establish a new monetary order to govern the globe.

The results were three-fold:

  1. The creation of the International Monetary Fund, or IMF . . .
  2. The formation of the World Bank . . .
  3. And the establishment of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency, a position it has held to this day.

Ever since, America has used this position to flex its power and might on the world stage.

From its 72 attempts at regime change during the Cold War . . .

Its questionable war in Iraq . . .

And the most recent sanctions against Russia.

But thanks to the events of Aug. 24, 2023, that power is coming to an end.

It all started when Putin invaded the neighboring country of Ukraine in March 2022, after NATO had pushed Ukraine to join their alliance.

Ukraine is arguably the most powerful military force in Europe. So, NATO membership was a major threat to Russia.

This is why Putin invaded, promising “consequences you have never seen” to any nation that interfered.

But America didn’t back down.

They responded by imposing additional sanctions that didn’t work . . .

So, the U.S. tried interfering in the war itself, authorizing $164 billion in Ukrainian aid.

$164 billion. That’s the same amount Congress proposed we cut from our own education, healthcare, and affordable housing for the poor.

Of that amount, $67 billion of it went straight to Ukrainian defense — that’s almost as much as Russia spends on its military in an entire year.

These attacks have proven ineffective as well.

Which is why Putin went on the offensive — by hitting America where it hurts the most.

The End of the Dollar

In August, Putin’s allies assembled in Johannesburg, South Africa — 6,000 miles away from the war in Ukraine — to free themselves from the U.S. once and for all.

They did it by attacking America’s most powerful weapon . . .

The dollar.

You see, more so than our powerful military, the dollar has been America’s key source of strength for the last 80 years.

It’s how we can afford our $2 trillion spending in annual defense . . .

Over $3 trillion a year in entitlement spending . . .

And our colossal, $1.5 trillion deficit.

It’s also how we’ve been able to bail out massive, multinational corporations anytime there’s a major crash — like the $4 trillion we spent to stimulate the economy after 2008, and again after the economic shutdown in 2020.

The only reason we’re able to pay for it all is because the dollar has been the world’s reserve currency.

Without that status, the dollar will suffer a serious decline . . .

Risking massive hyperinflation — far worse than the 9% rate we saw last year, even worse than the 20% we saw in the 1970s.

As you can see, the effects of this attack have already started.

The dollar has been steadily losing ground over the last year, and even saw its worst two-day decline since 2009.

But friends, this is just the beginning.

As mentioned, Putin and his allies make up 25% of the world’s trade. Just 5 countries . . . and now 40 nations in total have expressed interest in joining them.

They include Pakistan . . . Afghanistan . . . Cuba . . . North Korea . . . even our neighboring country of Mexico.

Add them up, and all 40 nations make up over HALF of world trade.

And they’re all uniting under a single goal . . .

To create their own sovereign currency — and bypass the dollar once and for all.

I call it the “Anti-Dollar.”

Because it has the power to wreck the dollar’s might on the world stage.

You see, the reason why the dollar is so powerful is because the world’s central banks hold more of them in their foreign reserves than every other currency combined.

That’s because countries typically don’t pay each other in yuan, yen, ruble, rupee, or any of the other currencies . . .

They pay each other in dollars because it’s the global standard.

That’s why, as recently as last year, nearly 90% of the world’s trade was still settled in American currency.

Now, with 40 nations looking to join the new Anti-Dollar alliance, we could see the dollar’s share of global trade fall from almost 90% . . . to less than half.

And there’s nothing America can do to stop it.

Biden’s Biggest Blunder to Date

You see, until last year, most countries wouldn’t have dared to bypass the dollar like this.

That’s why so many nations put up with our overreach — from our endless wars in Iraq to our meddling in international affairs.

But that all changed the moment President Biden declared sanctions against Russia.

Biden hoped that this tactic would get Putin to back down.

It didn’t. After all, Russia is a massive, oil-rich nation. It produces almost as many barrels per day as the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

So, it simply set up new trade deals with its allies — namely China and India.

These trade deals were so effective that Putin is now selling MORE oil than before he entered Ukraine.

And it’s all happened at the dollar’s expense.

Take a look at this chart.

As you can see, since abandoning the dollar, the volume of Russian-Chinese trade done in China’s currency, the yuan, has skyrocketed. In eight months, it’s up 8,000%.

This sent a message to the entire world:

  1. We don’t need to fear American sanctions.
  2. We’re stronger when we don’t let America tell us what to do.
  3. And we don’t need to use the dollar as a middleman to trade with each other.

That’s why, ever since the war in Ukraine, more and more nations have been plotting to cut the dollar out of international trade.

This has all been happening over the last year while few in the mainstream press were paying attention.

Brazil and Argentina — the two most dominant economies in South America — discussed adopting a joint currency to bypass the dollar.

China also replaced the U.S. as Brazil’s top trading partner — and struck a trade deal to ditch the dollar as well.

The United Arab Emirates and India both signed an agreement to settle trade in India’s currency, the rupee.

And for the first time in 50 years, Saudi Arabia’s minister of finance said they’re willing to drop the dollar as well.

Even the U.K. has begun settling a third of its trade in yuan.

This is a massive paradigm shift.

All at once, dozens of nations are conspiring to de-weaponize America’s most powerful tool — the dollar.

And now, they are uniting to establish their own Anti-Dollar, teaming up to pose a true threat to the dollar’s reign.

The results, for Americans, will be catastrophic.

Peter Schiff, an internationally renowned economist who predicted the housing crash, says this new crisis will be “far more impactful than 2008,” delivering a “death blow” to the dollar that “takes its reserve status down with it.”

Billionaire Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, and CEO of mobile payment company Block (formerly Square), says the dollar has already lost its status, warning severe hyperinflation will fall over the U.S.

But perhaps the most dire warning has come from former President Donald J. Trump. He warned that when the dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency, it will be like “losing a world war.”

That’s why I say this currency war, what I call “Putin’s Revenge,” will be more devastating than any war America has fought in its history, or any attack we have faced, including Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

You need to prepare now.

The events that are about to unfold will impact everything . . .

The stocks you hold in your retirement account . . .

Bonds — including “safe” U.S. Treasury notes . . .

Even the equity in your home.

ANYTHING that is priced in dollars is at serious risk.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to protect yourself from the rise of the Anti-Dollar before this crisis arrives on America’s shores.

But I’m also going to go a step further.

As a former investment banker at Morgan Stanley, I learned many years ago that moments like this can lead to amazing investment opportunities if you know where to look.

Some investors who understand exactly where to put their money could actually emerge from this situation quite rich . . . as money flows out of dollars into other investments that can grow a lot more.

Plus, to take advantage of these opportunities, you won’t have to do anything complicated like open a foreign bank account . . . or buy land overseas.

These are opportunities you can take advantage of right here in America.

The best part — you can do this all on your own. It’s easy. And you can save thousands of dollars you might otherwise pay to hand your money over to some would-be adviser.

But you’ll need to act quickly. It won’t be long before more nations move to adopt the Anti-Dollar as the new global reserve — threatening the retirement savings for every American.

I’m going to reveal everything . . .

But before I do, let me tell you a little more about me and why I’m sharing this message with you today.

Again, My Name is John Browne.

John Browne

As a former investment banker, and adviser to political heavyweights, including Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher, I provide a unique perspective to American citizens and investors who want to defend themselves from the New World Order.

I first served for eight years in Britain’s infantry — before moving overseas to study at Harvard Business School.

Afterwards, I quickly landed a job at Morgan Stanley, where I was able to cut my teeth in the heart of New York’s financial district.

Later, I returned to my home country to become a director of the European Banking Company — and eventually started a new career in politics.

As a member of Parliament’s Conservative and Independent Parties, I proudly fought for my countrymen’s right to privacy, chaired the committee for small business, served as a delegate to NATO — and stood up against the socialist agendas from my peers on the left.

These days, when I’m not enjoying the fresh ocean breeze in Palm Beach, Florida, I’m writing to a large network of conservative investors — giving them my uncensored, no-filter take on the biggest developments affecting their freedom, life, and livelihood.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of my publisher, Newsmax Media. We’re one of the last vanguards of freedom and truth in America.

The Financial Times describes us as “one of the strongest conservative voices online.” And The New York Times calls us “a potent force in conservative politics.”

Our CEO, Chris Ruddy, is even close personal friends with Donald Trump.

Millions of people tune in to our station or visit our website each day — to get REAL news they can’t find in the mainstream press.

But I’m reaching out to you today on a more personal note.

I’m concerned if the average person understood the true impact of the Anti-Dollar there would be panic in the streets.

The reality is, most Americans don’t understand what having the world’s reserve currency really means.

It’s how we afford our amazing standard of living . . .

Having two cars in every garage . . .

Affordable 24/7 air conditioning . . .

And grocery stores stocked to the brim with everything we need.

We’re able to afford it all because the dollar has enormous demand overseas. This demand is what gives it its strength . . .

But as that demand wanes, its power weakens. The result is massive inflation that makes it more difficult to buy everything we need to survive.

It also means that everything you’ve stored away for retirement that is priced in dollars — your stocks, your bonds, even the equity in your home — is in serious danger.

Before I tell you the solutions to this threat, it’s important to understand this currency war has been building for a while.

The Rise of the Anti-Dollar

You see, the 1990s were an incredible decade for the U.S. economy.

But after the dotcom bust, global elites turned to new opportunities overseas.

It began in 2001, when economist Jim O’Neill, the chairman of Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management division, saw an opportunity in fast-growing, emerging economies.

He called them the “BRICS” nations — because they would build the bricks of a new global order outside the U.S.

The result?

American manufacturing moved overseas.

So did corporate headquarters.

And while the U.S. floundered . . . those overseas stock markets soared.

China’s stock market rose almost 500% in a couple of years.

India’s stock market went up 700%.

And Russia’s market soared over 1,000%.

Meanwhile, America’s S&P 500 only doubled, barely reclaiming its highs from the tech bubble before crashing again.

The point is, these economies amassed enormous power at America’s expense.

And then something happened . . .

Overspeculation in America’s housing bubble led to a global financial crisis that hurt these emerging powers.

That’s when these BRICS nations met to form their own, more perfect union.

And they’ve been working on it ever since — with the goal of one day bypassing the U.S. dollar for good.

  • In 2011, the BRICS added South Africa, Africa’s strongest economy, giving them a gateway into the emerging continent.
  • In 2015, they established the BRICS Development Bank to invest in emerging economies — several of which have now formally applied for BRICS membership.
  • In 2018, Russia dumped 84% of its U.S. Treasury holdings — signaling its intention to move away from the dollar. Over the next five years, trade to the BRICS nations invoiced in dollars collapsed from 85% to just 36%.
  • And last year, China followed suit, selling 20% of its dollars — almost $200 billion. Their holdings now sit at a 12-year low.

The point is, they’ve been plotting this for some time.

And after the failure of U.S. sanctions against Russia, they’ve quickly begun ramping up their efforts — establishing various trade deals outside of the dollar.

These developments were bad enough . . .

But in August, they decided that rather than trade in a medley of different currencies, they would establish their own Anti-Dollar — uniting their powers to de-throne America’s currency once and for all.

Again, this new economic order threatens to cut the dollar’s share of world trade from almost 90% to less than half.

This is the most catastrophic threat to America’s financial security — worse than when Nixon took us off the gold standard back in the early ’70s.

New “Biden Shock” Worse
Than Nixon Shock of 1971

The gold standard was one of the terms of the Bretton Woods agreement . . .

It held that if every nation were to adopt the dollar as the global standard, it had to be backed in gold.

But as the global economy recovered, there weren’t enough dollars to keep up with demand.

So, Nixon took us off the gold standard in order to print a new “fiat” currency backed by “America’s full faith and credit.”

This led to a decade of runaway inflation, causing the dollar to lose a third of its value.

And this inflation has persisted ever since.

You can see the dollar has lost 87% of its value since Nixon delinked it from gold.

That means every dollar is worth just 13 cents what it was then.

This inflation has put enormous strain on the middle class.

It’s why homes are so expensive.

Same for food, gas, and electricity.

It’s gotten so bad that 36% of people making $100,000 or more are now living paycheck to paycheck.

And this has all happened as the dollar has enjoyed its status as the world reserve currency.

And when the dollar declines even more?

Inflation will spiral out of control — threatening the standard of living for EVERY American.

And inflation isn’t the only thing that will spiral.

Today, the U.S. national debt stands at $32 trillion, more than 100% of our GDP.

It’s a staggering figure — equivalent to a $573,000 anvil strapped to the ankle of every American citizen.

This “debt bubble” has been building for over two decades — and the only reason it hasn’t popped is because the dollar is the world reserve currency.

Having this status meant dollars held incredible demand on the world stage.

But that demand is in decline.

According to the IMF, the percentage of dollar holdings at the world’s central banks recently fell to a 25-year low.

It’s now less than 60%.

And as the BRICS adopt their own Anti-Dollar, that percentage will fall even more — causing the dollar to lose even more of its value.

This is exactly why the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates at its fastest pace ever.

The mainstream media wants you to believe they did this to fight inflation.

But the real reason is because the rest of the world is rapidly dumping its dollars.

And the only way to keep it alive is to keep interest rates higher for longer.

The good news is — high rates have made the return on Treasury bills extremely attractive.

Right now, you can buy a 6-month Treasury bill that pays 5.5%. That return is tax-free, because it comes straight from the federal government, meaning you don’t owe a dime in capital gains. And if you believe in America’s “full faith and credit,” it’s 100% risk-free as well.

Jerome Powell hopes higher rates will encourage more Americans to invest in these assets, replacing the demand we’ve lost overseas.

But before you rush out and start to invest in conservative Treasury bills . . .

You should know there are MUCH better investments you can make to protect yourself from the dollar’s decline.

For example, during the high inflation of the 1970s, Jim Rogers grew his Quantum Fund by 4,200%, almost 100-times greater than investors saw in the S&P 500.

He did this by investing in commodities and the corporations that deal in them. In times of inflation, commodity investors tend to do very well because higher prices means higher profits.

And what is Jim Rogers saying today?

He says that, quite frankly, most assets aren’t cheap.

Bonds were just in the biggest bubble of all time.

Property values all over the world are as well.

And U.S. stocks are the most overvalued they’ve been in the last 20 years.

But Jim says:

“The only asset that is not in a bubble is commodities. Silver is down 60% from its all-time high. Sugar is down more than 50%. So, commodities are cheap and normally commodities do well with high inflation.”

But commodities aren’t the only good investment right now.

Jim also says there’s a great opportunity in the Japanese stock market. After peaking in the early ’90s, the country has been suffering from deflation ever since. That means they’re welcoming inflation for the first time in 30 years.

The other reason you don’t want to buy Treasurys right now is because their yields could still go a LOT higher. Jim says he could see the 10-year Treasury rate eclipse 15% later this decade, as the Fed will be forced to keep raising rates to fight off inflation.

My point is — if you’re prepared, this is an extremely exciting time to be an investor if you know what to do.

Keep in mind, Jim Rogers is just ONE person who became very rich during a crisis.

  • Sir John Templeton made his fortune by investing $100 in every stock trading for less than $1 during World War II. In total, he purchased shares of 104 different stocks. And even though 34 of these companies went bankrupt, within a handful of years, his portfolio grew 300%.
  • George Soros made $1 billion by shorting a currency, the British pound, in the early ’90s.
  • Bill Gross, founder of PIMCO, a $2 trillion asset management company specializing in fixed income investments, made his initial fortune in distressed bonds. As corporations struggled to pay their debts during the 1970s hyperinflation, corporate debt became very cheap, and Gross scooped them up at a steal.
  • More recently, Michael Burry scored a personal $100 million fortune for himself, as well as $700 million for his clients, when he predicted the housing crash of 2007 two years in advance.
  • Then there’s Bill Ackman, who made $3.85 billion from his COVID-19 trades on a $204 million bet. On a single trade, he made almost 100 times his investment in a matter of weeks.

My point is, there will be many excellent trades you’ll be able to make as the dollar rapidly loses its role as the world’s reserve currency.

Before I tell you what they are, let me make something clear.

I know this is a difficult message to swallow.

The dollar has been the global standard for all of your life.

But the only reason it’s remained that way for so long is because there was no better alternative — even after we went off the gold standard.

And that’s exactly why the new Anti-Dollar is such a serious threat.

As more and more nations move away from the dollar, its power declines. This means the Fed will have to print more and more dollars for the U.S. to meet its liabilities.

The problem is, inflation is already out of control.

We have a $1.5 trillion annual deficit.

And more than half of the federal budget consists of entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

In order to pay for these things, we’ll have to print more and more dollars every year that the dollar declines.

When that happens, you can forget the 9% inflation we saw last year or even the 20% “stagflation” we saw back in the ’70s.

Instead, we’ll enter a hyperinflationary hell as rates surge to 50% or more.

This is the same fate that has befallen
every fiat currency in history.

After World War I, Germany became unable to pay its war reparations set forth by the Treaty of Versailles.

So, in 1922, it printed 100 trillion units of its currency, the Papiermark, to pay off its debts.

The result? Inflation rose 325,000,000% — and within a year, the currency became worthless.

During the 1970s, inflation sparked socialist pressures in Chile, leading its president, Salvador Allende, to nationalize key industries.

Poor management by know-nothing bureaucrats destroyed the economy from the inside-out.

So, the country began to print more currency to pay off its debts.

In 1972, inflation soared 600%.

A year later, it soared another 1,200%. And their currency, too, soon became worthless.

Again, this same fate has befallen every fiat currency throughout history.

The fall of the Roman Empire was marked by severe hyperinflation.

In 200 A.D., their currency, the Denarius, was a coin made of 90% pure silver.

It had REAL value.

But over time, the Romans began diluting the coins so they could mint more of them.

Within a century, each Denarian coin contained just 0.5% silver.

And inflation soared 15,000% as the empire eventually crumbled.

I tell you all this because the same thing is happening in America today.

Inflation is destroying the middle class — causing more people to turn to socialism, making it harder to balance the budget.

For example, Pew Research reports that 32% of Americans support paying reparations to the descendants of American slaves.

43% support a “universal basic income.”

And 73% support student loan forgiveness.

Meanwhile, our politicians have no problem adopting multitrillion bailout packages for the corporations who pay for their reelection — all on the taxpayer’s dime.

And to make matters worse, the Anti-Dollar is emerging as the probability of a recession stands at almost 100%.

That’s according to the Federal Reserve’s own analysis. A study on inverted yield curves shows the probability of recession is 99.3%.

This indicator is so accurate, it’s predicted the last eight recessions — months and often mere weeks in advance.

98% of CEOs are predicting a recession as well — even as the U.S. stock market is marching to new highs.

The point is, the vast majority of Americans are completely unprepared for a massive hit to their retirement — far worse than the declines we saw in 2020 and again in 2022.

When you combine the near certainty of a recession with Putin’s plot to establish a new Anti-Dollar, you have very little time to prepare before investors start fleeing for the exits.

If the majority of your retirement is in U.S.-based stocks and bonds, or any other dollar-denominated investment, you need to protect yourself right away.

That’s why I want to send you a FREE copy of my newest investment report . . .

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But I won’t stop there.

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I’m also going to send you a copy of . . . 

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But now, we are entering a period of de-globalization – and many of the best stock market success stories of the last several years are going to face serious declines.

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  • The Stock Market Blacklist

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The first is The 5X Foreign Stock Guide.

As mentioned, while U.S. stocks will suffer, other stock markets around the world will do quite well.

For example, many people are unaware that Argentina’s stock market has soared over 1,000% in the last three years. In 2022, it was the only stock market in the world that went up.

Japan’s stock market, as well, avoided most of the bear market, falling a mere 16%, and since climbed to a new 30-year high.

I realize it’s difficult to consider investing in stock markets outside the U.S. — but remember, in the 2000s, China, India, and Russia’s stock markets grew 500%, 700%, and 1,000% while America’s only doubled.

We’ve narrowed everything down to the top three stocks you should own to take advantage of overseas growth.

The best part — you can take advantage of these opportunities in any U.S. brokerage account. You don’t have to open an account overseas or do anything complicated.

And that’s not all.

Again — we can also expect commodities to do quite well as inflation turns higher.

Plus, as countries split between East and West, trade difficulties will see prices increase as well.

For that reason, we can expect America to see a turn toward its vast treasure troves of natural gas. I predict we’ll see the left grow extremely quiet, as they’ll undoubtedly prefer lighting and air conditioning over a full-scale energy crisis.

Imagine making 1,000% . . . even 5,000% from a handful of small American natural gas companies over the next few years. It’s happened before. And it will likely happen again.

That’s why I want to send you a copy of The American Energy Portfolio. Inside, you’ll discover full details on three oil and natural gas companies that are positioned for enormous profits as inflation returns.

As for your final report — you might be wondering, if the world’s central banks have been selling so many of their dollars, what have they been buying instead?

The answer?


As you can see, central banks around the world are preparing for a massive sea change since the early 2000s.

They’ve been accumulating more and more gold ever since. After the global financial crisis, they went from being a net seller of gold to a net buyer.

And last year, they snapped up more gold than any year on record — beating their previous record set in 1967 with a massive 1,136 tonnes. That’s over 36 million ounces.

In fact, Russia bought 10 times more gold than the previous year in response to Western sanctions.

These bankers aren’t dumb. They hire the smartest graduates in the world and have connections that you and I can only imagine.

They know the dollar’s time is coming. They also see how much the BRICS countries are accumulating the metal. It’s possible we’ll even see them back their reserve currency in the precious metal itself, like the dollar was more than 50 years ago.

Over a long enough horizon, gold is never a bad bet. It’s up almost 100-fold over the last century, and has recently broken new highs due to central bank demand.

But let’s not forget just how much gold rose during the 2000s. As the dollar fell in value, and demand grew in countries such as China and India, the metal soared from $275 an ounce to $1,917. And plenty of junior mining companies doubled, or even tripled these gains or more.

That’s why I’m going to send you a copy of The Gods of Gold, a special report containing details on three unique gold investments that can return two, three, even five times more money than you can make buying the precious metal directly.

  • One is a gold royalty company that can pay you 10%-20% a year in dividends. This type of company is designed to return profits to shareholders, and it’s one of the best investments you can own in a gold bull market.
  • You’ll also discover one of my favorite gold mining stocks. This mid-sized company rests in the market’s “sweet spot” and has the best chance for 1,000% gains or higher.
  • Lastly, I’ll tell you about a special type of gold coin/physical gold you can buy that can appreciate in value much faster than a typical ounce of precious metal.

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