From the famed economist who predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, the 2008 financial meltdown, and the 2016 rise of Brexit . . . James Dale Davidson now issues his most urgent warning yet!

REVEALED!: The total corruption of our free market system . . . the rigged government numbers . . . the hidden laws trapping you in the U.S. . . . the biggest money-grabbing hoax ever unleashed . . . the education lie destroying your child or grandchild’s future . . . the one way you can survive the financial ruin ahead . . . and so much more.

What you do with the information presented below could mean the difference between prosperity or despair for you in 2017 and beyond! Read on for this timely and wealth-saving message . . .

The handwriting is on the wall.

America is at her Breaking Point!

A global economic catastrophe is now virtually locked in . . . and America will soon fall.

Everyone — regardless of your age, your job, where you live, how much money you make, or how much you pay in taxes — is at risk.

In fact, those with any measure of wealth, savings, or assets may be hit the hardest.

The challenge now for hard-working Americans is: How do we save ourselves?

To help you answer that question, Newsmax would like to rush you a FREE copy of outspoken economist James Dale Davidson’s brand-new hardcover book, The Breaking Point, absolutely FREE! (All we ask is you pay the $4.95 shipping and handling charge.)

With Davidson’s uncanny accuracy in predicting huge economic sea changes, it’s vital you receive this information if you’re going to survive and thrive in the dark financial years ahead.

It’s a War for Financial Freedom,
But the Rules Are Rigged Against YOU!

After years of diligent research, Davidson reveals in dramatic detail the economic ruin facing our nation.

He provides in-depth analysis of just how the U.S. government has carelessly and recklessly trapped itself and the entire world economy into a corner — a corner so tight that average investors could see their life’s work and savings disappear.

And he explains how the recovery that the establishment elites and their media lapdogs are so keen to have you embrace is actually one giant fraud.

Davidson shines a spotlight on the stunning events unfolding on a daily basis that signal the end of economic growth — but these events are completely ignored by today’s media.

For instance, if you were to peel away the rigged government employment, productivity, wage, and other numbers, you would see that the economy stopped growing years ago. And Davidson rips apart the media’s irresponsible fabrications and alerts you to the truth.

Sadly, the media and our government are hiding the most vital truth of all: The U.S. is no longer a dynamic free market, but a stagnant, rigged economy on the brink of collapse.

And much to their dismay, the big banks, global elites, corrupt government bureaucrats, and power-hungry politicians can no longer keep this recovery illusion going. They have run out of tricks and have now run out of time.

In fact, the U.S. — and the world — is careening toward a massive financial “breaking point” unlike anything we’ve ever known. It’s the end of the social order as we know it. And to survive, you must be prepared.

Here’s What You Must Know to
Survive the Breaking Point

Davidson accurately predicted, in 1990, the fall of the Soviet Union. He issued a timely warning of the financial meltdown long before the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.

In 2016, he correctly assessed the shocking Brexit vote as the leading indicator of the coming world order breakdown.

And TODAY in The Breaking Point, he offers undeniable historical proof of the looming economic crisis facing America . . . and breaks it all down for you in simple, everyday English!

Here’s just a taste of the extraordinary truths you’ll discover in his blockbuster new book:

  • Why our nation is going broke faster than economists admit. The shockingly high growth rate needed just to cover the interest on the debt. What this means for your savings. The truth exposed on page 103.
  • How the “laws” of the pickpockets, the warlords, the Mafia, and terrorists are taking over our free market society. Plus, the disturbing signs of America’s imminent breaking point.
  • The staggering six-figure “fee” that burdensome regulations cost every American. You’re being robbed. Discover the jaw-dropping numbers on page 16.
  • How the fall of the U.S.S.R. was the first tremor in a global earthquake set to end America’s dominance around the world. Who’s the next to fall?
  • The big mistake most economists make when forecasting the future. It’s why they’ve been wrong so often. Here’s the more accurate method to use to safeguard your wealth.
  • The big education lie that nearly everyone believes, threatening the future prosperity of your children. Why the dream of “upward” mobility is now a nightmare. You must read page 336.
  • The three types of corrupt political systems fleecing hard-working people today — and no one does #3 better than the U.S. government. The true insider view of how government really works revealed on page 41.
  • America’s corporations get a 75,900% return on their government “investments.” Meanwhile, you’re getting a paltry .25% on your CD. How to even the playing field.
  • How the coming sea change in manufacturing and production will radically send our government back to the 13th century . . . and why this works in your favor.
  • Why 47% of Americans could lose their job in the next 20 years. This will help you figure out how to save yours. What you need to know starts on page 73.
  • How the coming destruction of debt and money will end the global financial system. Will the dollar be displaced? Why that might be a good thing for your investments.
  • The dusty 800-year-old document that could give political and economic freedom back to the people. Can we really change the rules so they work for us? Find out in chapter 7.
  • The four symptoms of the breakdown of America and how President Obama gleefully fed the flames. Plus the 15 signs that it may be too late to turn back.
  • Why government statisticians lie and fabricate good news in a stalled economy. Lulls people into doing things with their money they shouldn’t. Truly frightening.
  • Why America’s “big government” and “big capitalism” are headed for the dustbin of history . . . and who will hold power next. The answer on page 35.
  • The “secular cycles” predicting the decline of America. Amazingly accurate historical trends that can no longer be ignored or covered up. Chapter 9 tells you all you need to know.

Shocking Truths About Our Corrupt
Government Revealed at Last!

And can you believe that this is not the screaming lead on CNN?

The National Security Agency (NSA) uploads this secret government software to your iPhone. With it, they can retrieve your contact list, your passwords and SMS files. They are able to listen to your voice mail and steal your personal photos. And in a shocking breach of privacy, they can even eavesdrop on any conversation you have near your phone.

Do we really live in a free society or what?! And here’s more from The Breaking Point  . . .

  • Complaining about your tap water can get you labeled a terrorist . . . and more disturbing, innocent ways you could land on a terrorist watch list. Just another way to control you. Page 159.
  • The truth about quantitative easing. The staggering amounts of money printed out of thin air and who benefited the most. Hint: It wasn’t you. What you need to know to protect your wealth. See page 167.
  • Ice Age or Tropical Heat Wave? The ugly truth about climate change and how it’s robbing you of your hard-earned money. All starting on page 178.
  • The shadow government that actually runs the country. George W. Bush mysteriously called them “the deciders.” It’s why Obama casually ignores the Constitution to do what he wants. You simply won’t believe the evidence presented in chapter 13.
  • How Al Gore and the ecofascists are pricing 90% of Americans out of the good life . . . while Gore makes billions. What to do to preserve your American dream.
  • Why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Big Pharma want to keep you “fat, dumb and happy” and the real reason healthcare is so expensive. What you must know to save your life. Begins on page 276.
  • The sneaky tricks Janet Yellen and her Fed fools use to prop up our sagging economy. Don’t you be fooled.
  • The nighttime activity that’s stalling the economy and preventing a middle-class recovery. Are you doing it too? Find out on page 139.
  • The worst law most Americans have never heard of. It’s Obama’s modern “Berlin Wall” keeping you a prisoner within the United States. The IRS loves it!
  • Medicare’s hidden loophole that’s restricting your freedom and draining your pocketbook. Once you know it, you’ll be on the phone to your congressman demanding change.
  • America’s new “civil war.” Who wants to stay, who wants to secede? The answer on page 472 may shock you.

How to Thrive After America Falls?

In addition to sharing with you how we got to the breaking point, Davidson bravely forges on to present his clear-eyed vision of what lies ahead — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With The Breaking Point at your fingertips, you can know the best way to prepare and protect your family and your financial security against this rapidly unfolding crisis. Here’s a glimpse into the future:

  • Is America already insolvent? The disturbing steps our government is taking to prepare for the collapse of our financial system. Will you be ready?
  • The little-known connection between prosperity and how people use energy. Are we headed in the right direction? And what does this mean for your work and leisure time?
  • The economic lessons hiding in the “Mad Max” movies. Could you soon be a real-life “extra” in a crazy world of the not-too-distant future? Find out on page 392.
  • Why the fall in oil prices might not be so good for you. Sure, it means cheaper gas, but is it the final trigger for the breaking point? The steps you can take today to survive.
  • Introducing the 21st century’s new “Black Swans” fluttering overhead — the “unlikely” global events that threaten financial collapse. Is Brexit just the first? Read chapter 19 to find out.
  • Is it inflation or deflation ahead? The answer revealed on page 416. Either way, make sure you have plenty of this on hand.
  • What comes after the collapse of American economic dominance? The final chapter reveals the future. Plus what you must do to be ready.
  • Could the U.S. really become a third world country? Plus three other potential futures facing Americans after the breaking point. Which one works best for you? Page 462.
  • The one investment the government does NOT want you to buy. But it’s your best chance to survive the breaking point and thrive in a collapsed economy. Details on page 494.
  • And so much more!

Economic Freedom Like We’ve Never Known!

The road the U.S. has followed over the past half-century is at a dead end. The most likely consequence of this misdirection could be the end of America as a superpower nation.

But there is good news . . .

Smart people, like you, will have new opportunities to achieve independence and wealth. The breaking point will change everything as we know it.

But once all the crony capitalists and corrupt elites are taken out, the hard financial times ahead will give way to a time of great economic freedom — the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

America’s breaking point may create an opening in which you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

But now may be your LAST CHANCE to position your portfolio for prosperity instead of despair.

All you have to do is claim your FREE copy of James Dale Davidson’s The Breaking Point.

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The Time Is NOW to Act!
The Proverbial Can Has Run Out of Road.

Right now, the red lights are flashing, the sirens are wailing, and the breaking point is near.

And you have two choices today.

You can ignore the writing on the wall and believe the media’s fake stories of a fake recovery and a fake future prosperity. You can be blindsided by events with no time to move your money to safety or prepare your portfolio to profit from the financial chaos erupting all around you.

Or you can take the first simple step today to safeguard your wealth and ensure your future financial security.

If you care about your financial fate, then simply claim your FREE copy of Davidson’s new book, The Breaking Point.

And remember, when you do, you’ll receive a 3-month FREE subscription to Financial Intelligence Report. Now, you’ll have a powerful one-two combination to secure and grow your wealth in the difficult times ahead.

Hurry! Time is running out. Our feckless government has kicked the financial can down to the end of the road. They have run out of tricks and time . . . and America’s economic collapse is imminent.

Find out how you will survive the breaking point and thrive in the new economic world ahead — FREE!

Get Your FREE Copy of
James Dale Davidson’s The Breaking Point

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