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John Browne

America’s disastrous stance against Putin is about to end 80 years of American dominance.

As more and more countries move to abandon the dollar, inflation will wreak havoc from state to state.

The 9.1% inflation we saw in 2022 will seem tame by comparison, as inflation soars to 20%, 50%, or higher.

But there are immediate steps you can take to protect yourself before hyperinflation sets in.

By joining The Financial Intelligence Report, you’ll get access to a like-minded community of financial insiders who can help you not just protect but GROW your wealth in the coming days.

While many traditional investments will be wiped out, so could several “forgotten” investments — many hundreds, even thousands of percent.

You’ll discover many of these investments inside your “Anti-Dollar Defense Package.” This set of 6 elite special reports contains actionable strategies to help shield yourself from inflation, and even grow your wealth as money moves out of dollars into other investments that can grow a lot more.

Your Benefits Include:

  • One Year Introductory Subscription to The Financial Intelligence Report. Join a community of like-minded investors who fearlessly report the truth on America’s declining economy, as well as the specific steps you can take to not only protect but grow your wealth in the years ahead.
  • The Monthly Newsletter. You’ll get the unfiltered takes on the biggest macroeconomic developments, stock market predictions, and actionable investment recommendations you won’t find in the mainstream press.
  • Trade Alerts. Whenever it’s time to take action on a new or existing recommendation, you’ll receive a concise email with full instructions.
  • Weekly Updates. Stay informed on the latest issues and anything you might have missed over the last week.
  • The Model Portfolio. Easily track every new and existing recommendation from John and his team. Includes the buy-up-to price, the date recommended, the current return, and everything else you need to keep up-to-date.
  • The Dollar Defense Guide: How to Protect Yourself From Putin’s Revenge and the Rise of the Anti-Dollar ($99 Value). Discover the specific strategies you can use to protect yourself from inflation as the dollar loses its demand overseas.
  • From Crisis to Prosperity: 5 Must-Have Stocks for Explosive Gains ($99 Value). As globalization declines and geopolitical tensions rise, these 5 stocks will help to safeguard your wealth and even post significant gains of 100%-300% or more in the years ahead.
  • The Stock Market Blacklist ($99 Value). This report contains 10 high-risk stocks that could quickly fall 50% or more in the new age of de-dollarization.
  • The American Energy Portfolio ($99 Value). You'll get the names and ticker symbols of the three companies poised to revitalize America's energy system and deliver gains of 500% or more to investors over the next few years.
  • The 5X Foreign Stock Guide ($99 Value): Inside, you'll discover the three best foreign stocks you can buy inside a regular, American brokerage account to tap into the vast growth in the world's fastest developing countries.
  • The Gods of Gold ($99 Value): Contains details on three unique gold investments that can return two, three, even five times more money than you can make buying the precious metal directly.

A $657 Total in FREE Gifts and Savings!

As the flagship investment newsletter at Newsmax Media, The Financial Intelligence Report has guided investors to hundreds of impressive gains over its 20-year history.

They delivered gains of 103% on an oil exchange-traded fund, 76% on a gold stock in four months, and 171% on an offshore driller, just to name a few.

With The Financial Intelligence Report, you’ll never be left in the dark. We won’t even make you pay the full price, given recent events.

Normally, The Financial Intelligence Report costs $109.95 a year.

It’s a good price, considering this level of access is normally only available to rich traders on Wall Street. But we’ve reserved a much better price for you.

Today, you can get EVERYTHING for just $47. That’s 57% off the regular price.

And it’s risk-free.

Once you subscribe, you’re protected by our 60-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If within that time you decide The Financial Intelligence Report won’t lead you to a richer, fuller, and better-informed life, you can cancel your subscription for a complete refund.

And you can keep everything we send you! It’s our way of saying thanks for giving The Financial Intelligence Report a try.

Take advantage of this special offer before it’s gone. We can only make it available for a limited time and there’s no guarantee you’ll see it again.

We look forward to having you aboard!

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