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The Financial Intelligence Report tirelessly searches for ways to protect and grow investors’ wealth — no matter what the financial landscape looks like!

And then we hand this information on to only a select few people.

The people I am referring to are members of Newsmax’s flagship financial publication: Financial Intelligence Report.

Unlike most other financial newsletters there is no hype with Financial Intelligence Report. There is no cheerleading. There are no absurd claims.

You get thoroughly researched, accurate information, along with reasonable projections and excellent investment advice from some of the best financial minds in the country.

And rather than a narrow focus on just a few investments like most financial newsletters, we cover it all: stocks, bonds, munis, options, mutual funds, commodities, and even precious metals.

This report gives you access to the information historically put aside for the “elite” investors. With this knowledge at hand, you have the chance to join their privileged club.

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax, in the Oval Office with President Trump. Photo courtesy of @ChrisRuddyNMX.

Financial Intelligence Report is edited each month by a team of analysts and experts led by its publisher, Christopher Ruddy.

Ruddy, a graduate of the London School of Economics and the founder of Newsmax Media, serves on the board of the prestigious Financial Publishers Association and is a noted commentator and author. He and the team of analysts for the Financial Intelligence Report, in turn, speak with some of the great financial minds to give our readers the other side of the story — beyond the media spin.

Our team of contributors includes:

  • David Skarica — A celebrated investment speaker, author and expert on commodity investing, David has an encyclopedic knowledge of stock trends. His acclaimed book, The Great Super Cycle: Profit from the Coming Inflation Tidal Wave and Dollar Devaluation, explores the ramifications of the ever-greater global debt bubble and explains how savvy investors can protect themselves and profit.
  • John Browne — A former member of Britain’s Parliament, John served as an adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He graduated from Malvern, Sandhurst, Cranfield (MSc) and Harvard (MBA) and served as an investment banker for Morgan Stanley. John regularly appears on major networks, including Fox News and Newsmax TV, to comment on finance and politics.
  • Gary Barohn — A chartered financial analyst (CFA) since 1989, Barohn has decades of investment management experience as a senior portfolio manager. His keen investment mind spots mispriced sectors and important economic factors shaping stock valuations months ahead, allowing FIR readers to position themselves well before the herd.

Other contributors to Financial Intelligence Report have included financial author James Dale Davidson, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and many others!

Our approach is not to rely on insular opinions about the markets, but to seek out the best and brightest, globally.

The late Sir John Templeton acknowledged Financial Intelligence Report as a “must-read for the global investor.”

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